20 Tips for Grooming Your Horse

If your horse is looking a little bit down in the dumps, perhaps it’s time to treat him to some grooming to make him feel and look better. There are plenty of things you can do to make your horse look beautiful again…read on for 20 grooming tips!

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1. Talk to your vet about adding vegetable oil or essential omega 3 fatty acid supplement to your horse’s diet (which should already be healthy and balanced), to add lots of shine to his coat.

2. After exercise, you should always sponge your horses face clean to prevent fungal hair loss.

3. Make sure you keep a variety of sponges to clean your horse, with different sizes for different parts of his body.

4. Hoof picks are the perfect way to get rid of any debris and rocks from your horses hooves.

5. All it takes is two minutes every two weeks to use the clippers for your horses bridle path and whiskers.

6. If you’re worried about hooves that crack easily, ask your farrier for any product recommendations – you should be able to purchase hoof oils!

7. Use a detangler and a wide toothed comb to get rid of any snags from your horses mane and tail.

8. Horses with dark coats can end up having their coats bleached in the sunlight – make sure you add a sheet and give them plenty of shade. You should also make sure you rinse a sweaty horse before letting him go in the sun as sweat can accelerate the bleaching process.

9. Make sure you don’t over do bathing your horse as the coat will begin to dull.

10. If you want your horse to look extra shiny on a special occasion, use a sheen product.

11. Dust will slide right off your horses coat if you regularly use a polish spray after bathing with horse shampoo.

12. Remember horses with pink skin need more protection from the sun – use sunscreen on any pink noses!

13. To help stop your horse from getting skin infections, make sure you always disinfect brushes and combs.

14. For the best results, brush your horse from front to back and then top to bottom.

15. If your horse is grey coloured or has a lot of chrome in it’s coat, get some spray on equine stain remover to deal with any manure and grass stains.

16. While you’re grooming your horse, make sure you do a quick inspection for any injuries, skin irritation or sensitive areas.

17. Make sure you keep up a routine with your grooming chores so you’re not overwhelmed with things to do before a show.

18. To get rid of sweat and mud wait until it’s dry before you attempt to brush it out, or simply hose your horse down.

19. A colour enhancing horse shampoo will bring out the colours in your horses coat, tones and highlights.

20. Let your horse roll around in the mud now and again – remember, it’s not permanent!

We hope you have fun grooming your horse with our 20 tips!

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