26 Million Houses in the UK and Counting

The UK housing market is set to undergo lots of changes over the next few years. Prices are expected to rise considerably, as are the amount of homes available for sale. However, you must take some time out to research the market thoroughly if you want to make sure you buy at the right time.

The infographic we’ve attached to this post contains lots of useful facts and stats that should be used as your starting point. We’ve taken some of them and created a shortlist for you here.

At the end of 2012, there were 26.4 million homes in the UK. Experts predict that number will rise to 28 million by the year 2016.

Most of the increases can be accounted for by government-run schemes. However, there are still many private companies involved in the planning and construction of new properties.

House prices in the South East of the UK are expected to rise by 26.4% over the next five years. That is a larger increase than we’re going to see anywhere else in the country.

London’s house prices will rise by just over 10.4% all being well. That means buying a property now could be an amazing investment.

The way things are going, only 16% of people under the age of 25 are expected to become homeowners by 2019. That is yet another reason you should purchase a property before the bubble starts to grow.

As a rule, you are almost always better to buy a home during the month of January. That is because there are less people looking to make a purchase.


Infographic Credit Abacus Law

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