3 Reasons Why a Mac Could Be Running Slow

Like most Mac users you probably love it to bits due to how fast, responsive, easy to use and secure it is. However as time goes by you will find that your Mac may start to slow down bit by bit, and while you might be able to brush it aside at first eventually it will start to be very noticeable and could even impact your productivity.

Although there are many reasons why a Mac could be running slow, the 3 that you should check for are:

  • Too many background processes taking up resources

In every Mac there are certain processes that are running in the background – and over time more processes are added by apps and so on. At some point or other your Mac may end up with too many processes for it to handle, and that can result in it starting to slow down.

  • Not enough RAM

One of the resources that is going to affect the speed of your Mac in particular is its RAM. While you may have insufficient RAM because of there are too many background processes running, it could also be simply that your Mac is fairly dated and the newer apps you’ve installed require more RAM.

  • Insufficient free space on your hard disk drive

As your hard disk drive starts to fill up your Mac will begin to slow down. Sometimes you may not even realize how full your hard disk drive really is due to the fact that it has simply built up junk files over time. Getting rid of any files and apps that you don’t need but are just sitting there consuming space could free up storage space and boost your Mac’s performance in the same go.

If you notice that your Mac is slowing down one of the first things that you should do is purge all the junk files that you can find. One way to do so is by enlisting Movavi Mac Cleaner as it will make learning how to get rid of junk files on Mac a piece of cake.

With Movavi Mac Cleaner you can automatically scan, locate and then remove the junk files on your Mac with a single click. Also you can free up additional space by uninstalling apps you don’t need, removing leftovers, and shredding sensitive files so they can’t be restored.

To protect your Mac from malware and other threats Movavi Mac Cleaner also includes an antivirus and firewall. Suffice to say by the time you’re done cleaning your Mac, it should not only be performing optimally but also be much more stable and secure than when you first started out.

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