3 Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

Keeping your clients happy is imperative in any business. Whether you work from home, run a startup or have an established business, your customers are your bread and butter. You need to ensure that you are managing their expectations and keeping them on your side. Let’s be honest, if you don’t, they will go to the competition. This can have a severe impact on your income and your businesses reputation.

You don’t have to be an A-grade kiss ass to keep your clients happy. But, there are some simple and easy ways that you can ensure their repeat business and keeps your enterprise thriving.

The art of managing your clients means that you have to refine a balancing act. Too little communication can be seen as lax. Too much communication and you can be regarded as a nuisance. It’s time to refine the art of client management.

Here are three simple and easy ways that you can achieve this:

Open and Honest Communication

You need to ensure that you are open and honest with your clients. Make sure that you check in on a regular basis. This could be with a report on how the project is progressing or just to say hello. Keeping the lines of communication open is vital to your success. Be personal and ask them how they are. You don’t have to get too personal, but keeping your clients should be using your services based on your professionalism and friendly nature. But, aside from communicating with them, you need to ensure that you are listening. Yes, listening is one of the best ways to ensure that you are completing projects to the highest possible standard. It gives you a competitive edge. Make notes in meeting; ensure that you are engaged with the project. This will keep them happy but also inspire confidence in your services.

It’s Time to Get Professional

One of the best ways to keep your clients happy is to make sure that you are the embodiment of professionalism. This may mean having insurance or surety bonds in place. You may need to provide evidence that you take your business seriously. A kick ass portfolio is one thing, but being taken seriously as a business professional is another? Make sure that you are providing evidence of your professionalism. Your clients will love you for it.


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Go Above and Beyond

When it comes to retaining clients, you need to ensure that you are going beyond your contract. Yes, you need to take on extra work. The main point of the project is that you are working on it. Don’t get lost in daily tasks. Make sure that you are on hand to help or to provide your expertise. While you may be assigned to a certain project, you may have a unique skill set that allows you to do more. If this is the case, help your clients. You don’t have to run the entire project. But by showing your enthusiasm for their work, beyond your workload, shows that you have respect for the company that you are dealing with.


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Written by Dave

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