3 True But Spooky Stories that Will Haunt You

The Swedish Suicide Girls (UK)

A pair of Swedish twin girls were walking along a busy highway in the UK when they were stopped by the police. The girls were acting strange, and one sister started telling the other not to talk to the police, as the police were only talking to them in an attempt to steal their organs. To make things creepier, the girls started throwing themselves into traffic… They were hit by multiple cars driving at highway speeds, but somehow both survived as the police finally apprehended them. One twin was taken to the hospital; the other was arrested, but was only sentenced to one day in jail.

After she was released, she began wandering the streets, apparently looking for the hospital and her sister. A man stopped to help her, saying she was acting strangely but seemed otherwise pleasant. He gave her a place to stay for the night and promised to drive her to the hospital in the morning… they never made the trip, as the girl ended up stabbing the man multiple times in the chest, killing him in his own home.

She then left the house and began wandering the streets again, hitting herself repeatedly in the head with a hammer as she went. She was pursued by police, but the chase ended when she leapt off a bridge onto the highway once more… and once more survived. She was charged with murder, but was ultimately released a few years later… Neither her or her sister have been heard from again, but they’re suspected to be living somewhere in America…

The Gelatinous Blobs of Oakville (USA)


1994 on a farm in the small town of Oakville, Washington. What at first appears to be a normal rain storm takes a twist for the creepy as small, clear, gelatinous blobs begin to fall from the sky.   Three of the farm’s residents pick up these blobs to examine them, and all three reported feelings of nausea and fatigue shortly afterward- one of them, an elderly woman, even goes to the hospital for treatment. She recovers, but the farm’s cat dies shortly after coming in contact with the blobs, and when the blobs are tested at the local hospital… they’re found to contain human white blood cells.

Their appearance has never been explained, and the phenomena has only ever happened one other time… at the same farm.

Ghost on the Elevator (USA)

Elisa Lam was staying at the Cecil Hotel in downtown LA in early 2013. She was a young girl with no history of any psychiatric problems, and she was generally very free-spirited and happy. When she got in an elevator at the hotel, though, things took a turn for the spooky. Security footage shows her talking and seemingly pleading with somebody- or something– offscreen, and she looks terrified as she makes strange unnatural gestures with her hands and arms… that security footage was the last time Elisa was seen alive.

In the following days and weeks, hotel guests started reporting strange things happening with the water supply- the water was black when it came out of the faucets and tasted absolutely foul when consumed… eventually, one of the hotel employees brought out a ladder and climbed onto the water tank on the roof to check out the problem… What he found was the decomposing body of Elisa Lam, floating dead in the hotel’s water supply.

What makes things even creepier is that the door to the roof of the hotel is locked and alarmed, and the water tank can only be closed from the outside… nobody ever found out how Elisa Lam ended up in that water tank, and her autopsy report recorded the death as “accidental.”

Do you know of some spooky stories? Be sure to leave your own experiences in the comments below.

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