5 Industries Where New Technologies Are Vital

There are some industries in which the rapid change brought about by technology has had a huge impact. They have not only been changed but, in many cases, they’ve been dramatically improved. Here are 5 of those key industries.

  1. Car Manufacturing

Making cars is a process that’s never been more efficient and lean than it is right now. Machines are used to mold the shape of the car’s body and all the internet components. They then are used to spray protective coats on the car before the paint is applied. Most of the manufacturing process is undertaken or aided by the use of the latest technologies. This not only makes car manufacturing more efficient but also helps to eliminate major problems. That’s because there’s less chance of human error creeping in.

  1. Mining

Mining has always been a very dangerous industry. The threat of collapsing mines, leaking gas and industrial accidents have always been there. But those threats are now being minimised by advances in technology. Companies that offer digging and trenching machine hire are regulated tightly. And they must meet all safety standards with their machinery. And new equipment can be used to monitor gas, dust and pollution levels underground. This information then allows miners to be kept safe at all times.

  1. The Film Industry

It’s impossible not to notice the use of new technologies in the film industry. Over the last couple of decades, the way the big Hollywood studios produce their blockbusters has changed a great deal. Nowadays, most of the big summer spectacles are made using computer-generated imagery. And it’s these films that prove to be the biggest financial successes for the studios. Many people don’t like the dominance of CGI in blockbusters, but it doesn’t seem like a trend that will change anytime soon.

  1. Medicine

The medical world has always relied on advancements in technology to drive it forward. This is as true now as ever before. In surgical medicine, keyhole surgery equipment is reducing the risk of infection. It also makes procedures quicker. But the biggest way in which technology is advancing the medical industry is in the field of screening and diagnostics. Scanning technology now allows doctors to pick up on problems very early on, improving the patient’s chances of a full recovery.


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  1. Banking

Nowadays, most banking transactions are carried out remotely using the internet. This is a great thing for customers who don’t want to have to take a trip to the bank every few days. It allows for much more flexibility for them. But it does come with its challenges too. Banks are continually having to catch up with the latest developments in web security. If the data they hold is compromised and criminals gained access to it, the results could be pretty disastrous for all involved. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to hack big organisations like banks.

Technology is changing everything in all kinds of different industries. But the 5 industries above now rely heavily on the technology they use.

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Written by Dave

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