5 Pro Tips To Help You Buy Soccer Shoes

Shoes make the most important part of a soccer player’s sport kit. There are number of things to bear in mind while choosing the one that fits right and suits your style of play. If you are a veteran, you will probably know all about these factors. Things may, however, be tricky for the first timers and they may probably need some guidance while picking their first pair. Here are 5 pro tips to help you buy your soccer shoes:

  1. Choose outsoles according to the surface you play on

To begin with, you need to consider the surface you play on to decide the right kind of outsoles for the shoes. Firm Ground (FG) or Moulded studs are suited for firm natural surfaces as they offer traction on most pitches. Soft Ground (SG) studs are meant for soft or wet natural surfaces. These do not work well for hard pitches as they can cause stud pressure pain and even injury. Hard Ground (HG) outsoles are meant for artificial or hard natural surfaces such as artificial turf, sun-baked ground and frozen fields. Turf shoes (AG) are specifically meant for indoor trainings on artificial turfs and hard natural fields and come with a highly durable rubber outsole. The Indoor (IN) variant is meant for indoor or dry artificial surfaces.

  1. Pick the right material

Material refers to the material that the upper part of the shoe is made of. The kind of material of your soccer shoes not only influences the fit but also affects your game as it determines the way that your foot will come in contact with the ball. These shoes come in different materials and you can choose one according to your preference. For instance, leather is ideal if you prefer natural snug fits. Most companies use natural materials such as calfskin to make leather shoes. Some brands are coming up with synthetic leather options but the key factor here is that the material needs to replicate the feel of natural leather. The latter enhances the durability of the shoe. Besides leather, soccer shoes are also available in synthetic material. Synthetic has the benefit of consistency and durability as the shape of the shoe will not change even after prolonged use.

  1. Look for the shoes that are priced optimally

Soccer shoes cost you a considerable sum but you must make sure that the pair is worth every penny spent on it. The factors that determine optimal pricing are the quality of material used and the technology used for making it. Superior quality of material means that you get the right fit and perfect performance, along with the bonus of durability. Similarly, shoes made using the latest technologies have a positive impact on your performance. Ensure that you always buy the best quality and acclaimed brands because cheaper shoes may not last and effectively cost you more in the end.

  1. Invest in the right size

A perfectly sized pair brings ultimate comfort and helps you deliver the best performance. Choose a pair that fits snugly in the toe and the heel. A comfortable width is equally important. All makes and models will have varying width and there may not be a standard that you can follow for different brands. So it is better to try on the shoe before buying it. If you are shopping online, be sure to read through their return and exchange policy as you may need to exchange or return the pair. Juniors should not buy larger sizes as they can injure themselves while playing with ill-fitting shoes.

  1. Go through reviews

Do you want to find the best shoe for your next soccer game? Read this soccer shoe review at Shoe Adviser. Sites like this one can help you put your money on the right brand as the genuine reviews of real life users make the best guide about a variety of shoe brands and models. Besides checking out online reviews, you can also talk to friends and your teammates to find their opinion about the shoes they have been using. You soccer trainer is probably the best person to get advice.

Since you will be spending a good amount on your shoes, it is always better to look for the best quality and reputed brands. Besides banking your money at the right place, getting the best pair of soccer shoes also ensures that you will be able to give your best performance on the training turf as well as the field.

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