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5 Secrets To Help You Bring Back a Traditional Christmas This Year

Today’s Christmases are often solemn affairs that cost parents thousands in gifts. Huge companies have cornered just about every corner of the market, forcing smaller independent sellers out of business and causing the demise of high street shopping. Once the presents are gathered in manic, crowded shops, Christmas can go ahead. Many people rely heavily on their credit cards to get the latest games machine for their kids and spend all of the following year trying to reduce the balance. It is often said that Christmas has become too commercialised, and it is a sad fact.

What can we do to bring back a good old fashioned Christmas like the ones we enjoyed as children? There isn’t a lot we can do about the presents as the kids want the latest gear in order to keep up with their friends. We can arrange Christmas day in the traditional way, however, and bring the family together once a year. Here are some great ideas to help you in your quest.

Tree Selection

In the run up to Christmas, make buying the tree a family occasion. Real trees are best, and a day out should be arranged for the whole family to visit a forest, to select the best one for the house. Nothing gets everyone into the Christmas spirit as easily as buying the tree.

Wake Up Early

When your children were young, they would find it very difficult to get to sleep because Santa was coming. You would also find them bouncing on your bed at five o’clock in the morning, forcing you to get up and risk being blinded by the violent tearing of wrapping paper. That was the best start to Christmas day so hold onto it. Don’t let those teenagers sleep in, it is now your turn to wake them up. Bounce on their beds early in the morning and get the day off to a great start. Force them to have fun.

Present Selection

Yes, it is accepted that the children will want the latest video gaming machines; there is no point fighting it. They are an antisocial invention that is killing quality family time. Ban the use of them for Christmas morning. Buy other presents in addition to the consoles, such as the best remote control helicopter your budget will allow. These are presents that the family can play with together, and will give hours of pleasure while the dinner is cooking.

Afternoon Relaxation

Watching television after Christmas dinner is a traditional activity. Yes, the programming will have changed over the years as tastes change, but broadcasters do make an effort to show quality programs on the best day of the year.


Copious amounts of our favourite tipple on one afternoon over the whole year will do you no harm. Get granny drunk, we have all done it. Eggnog is a traditional drink in America, though I cannot comment on the taste, as I have never tried it.

The question we all should be asking is; what is a traditional Christmas? What is tradition for us may well not be for our great grandchildren. Perhaps, in our attempt to force our Chrismas onto our kids, we are ruining theirs. The tradition they will follow may be to lie in bed late, play video games, eat dinner, and visit a friend. No wonder they cringe when you mention tradition. Relax and let them enjoy it their way; you are a dinosaur.


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