8 Foods That Will Help You Manage Your Weight after The HCG Diet

The HCG diet program is a very good way to burn off the excess weight in a short period of time. However, the program itself is only a starting point. Once you lose all the weight, you need to ensure that you are able to manage your body shape and avoid packing on excess weight. And for this, you need to know which foods to eat and which you should avoid. Below, we look at eight food items that will help you keep your weight in check after completing the HCG diet.


Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins. And eating a breakfast rich in eggs is said to help you with weight loss. Since protein makes you feel satiated, you will feel less need to consume any food till lunch. And by helping you avoid eating unnecessarily, a breakfast consisting of eggs will eventually help you reduce weight. In fact, a study was conducted on 30 overweight women who had eggs for breakfast. The women wound up eating less for lunch. In fact, they ate less than normal for 36 hours after the breakfast.


Avocado is not like your regular fruit. Instead of being packed with carbs, avocados are rich in healthy fats, specifically monounsaturated oleic acid. In addition, they also contain potassium and dietary fiber. It has been observed that people who regularly eat avocados tend to have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI). Plus, their waist circumference was also observed to be smaller than people who do not eat avocados.


Tuna is a highly popular food with bodybuilders. And it primarily has to do with the fact that the fish contains very less fat but is very high in protein. So, if you are considering making fish a part of your diet, you should definitely consider tuna. And in case you are getting canned tuna, opt for those canned in water instead of oil.


One main reason that people have trouble with losing weight is the poor metabolism rate of their body. And this is where yogurt can help you. Being rich in probiotics, the bacteria in yogurt help improve the function of the gut, eventually increasing your metabolism rate to satisfactory levels. This helps the proper digestion of food, ensuring that you don’t end up packing weight. In addition, yogurt can also help protect your gut against inflammation.


When you eat food items rich in fiber, you tend to feel fuller, which helps you control your food intake and thereby reduce weight. This is why it is important that you include beans in your diet plan. They are very rich in fiber and thus helps you control your hunger. In addition, they are also known to be low in calories, while also helping you regulate your blood pressure.


Just like tuna, salmon is another fish that is super good for you when you are looking to manage your weight. They are rich in good fats like the Omega-3 fatty acids and are also a good source of protein. The good thing about salmon is that they make you feel satiated and full, which helps you cut down your food consumption. It helps the thyroid to function properly, thereby keeping metabolism rate normal.


If your goal is to eat foods that make you feel full with as little consumption as possible, then potatoes are a good choice. A study that looked into the satiety of various food items found that potatoes had one of the highest fulfilling effects among all foods. Ideally, you should eat them after boiling in water. This allows the potatoes to create starch which will also help in your weight loss efforts. In addition, potatoes can also help you control your blood pressure.


Want to snack on something low-calorie while binge watching your favorite show? Then consider munching on popcorn. Three full cups of popcorn are estimated to have just 100 calories in them. And considering that they are a very good source of fiber and protein, popcorn does come across as the perfect snack. However, do remember to never eat popcorn that is drenched in butter and oil. Instead, go for unsalted, non-buttery popcorn.

So, try to include the above in your diet once you are done with the HCG diet plan. This should help you easily manage your weight. And if you need more info about the HCG diet, check out the website at which details everything you need to know to make your weight loss program a success.

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