Interesting Conspiracy Theories

One of the good (or bad things, depending upon your perception) things about the internet is that it is a veritable nexus for conspiracy theories.  In fact, one might observe that a wealth of information concerning various conspiracies, some bombastic, others more tame, only emerged after the advent of the internet.   Regardless, there are plenty of great conspiracy theories out there which can not only stretch the limits of your imagination, but also perhaps even open your eyes to new ways of interpreting the world around you.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing conspiracy theories out there…

Princess Diana was actually assassinated

Among people in the UK, Princess Diana’s car crash and subsequent passing came as quite a shock.  It could be argued that the British public sort of reacted in the same manner as many Americans to the sudden loss of President John F. Kennedy (which we’ll get to in a bit).  At any rate, the event itself sent something of a hollow ring throughout the UK that seemed to imply that even members of the Royal family aren’t safe from certain authorities (much less the paparazzi).  The conspiracy itself has it that Diana was pregnant and considering marrying Dodi Al-Fayed, which might have greatly upset the foundations of the Royal family.  There was even talk about Princess Di’s supposed conversion to the Muslim faith and/or some involvement of the Saudis in her untimely death.

9/11 Was an Inside Job

When it comes to conspiracy theories fueled by the internet, the 9/11 conspiracy is perhaps one of the better examples out there.  Simply put, the theory is that members of secret societies both inside the US government and military as well as foreign interests conspired to allow Arab terrorists to carry out the attacks or actively aided and abetted them.  The motive of course being to start a major war in the Middle East in order to achieve multiple goals – destabilization, capturing oil fields, etc… One of the more prominent points expressed by 9/11 theorists has it that the buildings couldn’t have fallen due to fire and that controlled demolitions were used (military-grade nano-thermite).  There are literally thousands of videos and documents out there which dissect each and every facet of the 9/11 event ranging from the somewhat plausible to the outright impossible.

Kennedy was assassinated by the US Military – Industrial Complex

Anyone that’s delved into conspiracy theories has no doubt already uncovered the JFK assassination.   Simply put, some people have it that key members of the military, political leadership as well as Federal Reserve had Kennedy killed because he was attempting to limit their power and authority within the United States.  Moreover, there are plenty of people who have explored all the minute details of the brutal attack and even demonstrated the difficulty of pulling off the act within the confines of the official government story of how it went down.

An elitist cabal of international bankers, leaders and wealthy business interests run the entire world and want to kill 90% of the global population

One of the more recent and perhaps mainstream conspiracy theories has it that the entire world is actually being run and controlled under the direction of the wealthiest families in the world.  In essence, the theory dictates that these old money families are all part of secret societies like the fabled “Illuminati” and use their combined interests and specialized areas of expertise, science and business to work against the general interests of the populace.  In fact, many theorize that there are actually “depopulation agendas” in place all around the world being carried out by highly nefarious groups of national leaders, heads of the military and of course, behemoth corporations.  One of the more oft-quoted bits of supposed evidence points toward the propensity of governments around the world to put fluoride derivatives into drinking water (which even Harvard studies suggest causes brain damage, lower IQ’s and other maladies).

UFO’s and Aliens – Is it just a secret US government program or have we actually made contact with extraterrestrial life?

Lastly we come to what is perhaps the most interesting proposition of all where conspiracy theories are concerned – the notion that we might not be alone in the universe (as an intelligent species).  Aside from the fact that a great number of people have called attention to various works (of art, writings, architecture and even cave paintings) which seem to depict alien-like figures (with giant black eyes), an incredible number of UFO sightings were reported and cataloged from around the world throughout 2012 and up into this year (2013).  When taken in combination with the fact that we’ve seen a lot of people come forward claiming to have worked on top-secret projects for the “US shadow government”, some more seemingly credible than others, the question becomes, is this a human phenomenon or something more far-fetched?   Some people even claim that these craft are piloted by beings that are not of this world…or dimension(s).  In other words, that at least some of these “aliens” are so advanced that they’re essentially inter-dimensional (surpassing the boundaries or limitations imposed by our 3 dimensional reality).  Moreover, others even go as far as to say that these beings aren’t actually aliens at all, but are a highly-evolved breed of future humans.

Are Conspiracy Theories useful?

Some of the more conventional thinkers have it that we shouldn’t engage in any form of theorizing with regards to potential conspiracies, but is this actually wise?  Isn’t it the deceptive nature of a conspiracy which prompts or requires action from those being subverted in order to be revealed?  Furthermore, if we lose that creative spark and desire to uncover the inner workings of the world around us, aren’t we simply giving in to corruptibility and serving ourselves up to more ingenious individuals on a silver platter?   We need conspiracy theories because they embody both our creative as well as analytical nature when it comes to interpreting events and information.  Similarly, what’s wrong with thinking outside the box, anyway?  Is it not better to consider something in advance (despite how wacko it might sound at first) rather than constantly be taken by surprise?  At the end of the day, conspiracy theories are basically about exercising your mind and exploring possibilities.

What do you think?

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