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A Look At Some Of The World’s Most Expensive Hotels

For those who wish to travel in style and comfort, spending a little extra on the hotel room is expected. However, if you have the bank account, you can enjoy some of the world’s best creature comforts in some of the most spectacular hotels in the world.

What follows are the most expensive hotel rooms in the world today. Each of these rooms have extraordinary features, spectacular views and other amenities that make it well worth the price for those who can afford such luxury. The list goes in ascending order from least to most expensive, but it must be noted that each suite and hotel that is listed offers their own unique set of amenities and features.

Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji:  Ambassador’s Bure

At $4,900 per night, patrons get to enjoy a two-person tub to relax their cares away. However, you can also enjoy the healing waters of the Plunge & Water Shiatsu Pool Lanai as well. Perhaps the best feature of all the amenities found in this spectacular hotel is that you have your own stretch of private beach to enjoy during your stay. The white sands and spectacular Pacific Ocean are at your beck and call while staying in the Ambassador’s Bure

Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris, France: Imperial Suite

At a mere $19,000 per night, the Imperial Room represents the ultimate in luxury while sporting a spectacular location near the Palais Royal and Jardin des Tuileries. The actual décor of the room is almost subdued, but the incredible amenities, spacious rooms and first class service, the Imperial Suite represents the best that the vaunted Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris offers.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai: The Royal Suite

Appropriately named thanks to its lush accommodations, palace-like setting, and impressive $22,900 per night, the Royal Suite is a feast for the eyes as well as the body. The combination of red, purple and gold is certainly impressive, but the overall layout of the Royal Suite makes you feel like a rich sheik. The Burj Al Arab is also one of the most impressive hotels in Dubai and in this region of the world as well, featuring the Al Mahara restaurant which is located under the sea.

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas: Royal Towers’ Bridge Suite

The most spectacular view from one of the most spectacular hotels in the world, the Royal Towers’ Bridge Suite is certainly one of the most fabled in terms of view. However, the hotel itself seems like something out of Disneyland as it towers over Paradise Island. The Bridge Suite itself is situated between the two main buildings, which means you have nothing but ocean beneath your feet. As spectacular as this view is, you will also have a staff of seven serving all of your needs while staying in the suite. For a price of $25,000 per night, what more could you expect?

Plaza Hotel, New York City: Royal Plaza Suite

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, The vaunted Plaza Hotel features one of the most spectacular suites on the East Coast of the US. The Royal Plaza Suite features all the amenities, space and comforts that can be imagined, especially for the spectacular $30,000 per night. However, the overall style, space and features of this suite are certainly considerable. Plus, the Plaza Hotel was prominently featured in the film “Home Alone 2” and the famed “Eloise” children’s book series. This hotel certainly lives up to its reputation and the Royal Plaza Suite represents the ultimate of what this hotel offers.

Four Seasons Hotel, New York City: Ty Warner Penthouse

One of the most spectacular views in New York City comes from the Ty Warner Penthouse of the Four Seasons Hotel. Certainly the view alone may be worth the $35,000 price tag per night. But the price also includes one of the most palatial suites in the US along with a personal masseuse as well. The hefty price tag for this suite certainly pays for a lot of amenities and a wonderfully furnished suite.

Palms Casino & Resort, Las Vegas: Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Famous celebrities such as Kanye West has stayed in this spectacular suite that includes a sunbathing deck and cantilevered Playboy pool. This $40,000 suite is certainly one that offers plenty of amenities, a spectacular view of Las Vegas, and many reasons why you wouldn’t want to leave this paradise even to venture into the heart of one of the most entertaining cities in the world. The Palms Casino & Resort is certainly one of the most famed in the Las Vegas area and their vaunted Hugh Hefner Sky Villa represents the ultimate in luxury suites, even if there are no “bunnies” present.

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece: Royal Villa

Featuring an indoor, heated pool, the Royal Villa is certainly one of the most opulent suites in the world. Sporting an incredible price of $45,000 per night, this suite offers a stunning view of the Aegean Sea from the outdoor pool or from one of many locations inside the suite itself. Secluded, yet featuring vistas of the Mediterranean Sea that are second to none,  the Royal Villa is the crown jewel of the famed Grand Resort Lagonissi. Plus, the overall style, comfort and amenities are something to behold as well.

President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland: Royal Penthouse Suite

It may seem appropriate that the Swiss, famed for their love of luxury, would also sport the single most expensive suite in the world. At a whopping $65,000 per night, the Royal Penthouse Suite has it all, from opulent settings, second to none amenities and a spectacular view of Lake Geneva, this room represents the ultimate in luxurious accommodations. The combination of modern furniture with classic styling along with the brilliant amount of light that comes into the suite sets this one apart from all the rest. The President Wilson Hotel is known to be one of the classiest in the world and the Royal Penthouse Suite is the cherry on top of the cake.

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