A Tidy Desk Equals A Tidy Mind. Tips For A More Organised Workspace

Cleanliness breeds productivity. Or so they say. When your working environment is clean and tidy, it clears your mind to focus on the task at hand. Of course, every worker is different. Many thrive in a messy, muddled space. Their brains jump from one thing to another, and the clutter can even help! But, we think those people are few and far between. For the rest of us, it’s time to organise our space, and get in the clear mindset for working. It will increase efficiency and productivity. Here’s how to organise your desk for good.



Purge all unnecessary items

The hardest part is making the initial start. It’s always the same when it comes to cleaning. No-one likes to take the plunge and sort through the mess. Papers and stationery have built up over the months, and you’ve got a mammoth task ahead. It’s easiest if you set aside half an hour, and just get stuck in! Come in half an hour early one morning when you’re feeling energetic. Use your lunch break to tackle it or stay late after work.

Tidy cables away

The amount of technology on our desks is increasing every year. There’s the computer; maybe a laptop too. Your smartphone and a charger. Perhaps there’s an iPad or tablet too. There’s a pair of headphones and all sorts of other equipment. They all come with miles of wiring that takes up space and causes mayhem! If you’ve ever tangled up your headphone wire, you know what we mean. Try using an under desk cable tray to tidy away any loose wiring, and keep everything out of the way.

Keep a bin nearby

If you’re anything like us, you’ll slowly build up more and more paper on your desk. There are invoices, press releases, contracts, presentations and proposals all over the place! Then, of course, there are crisp wrappers from your desktop lunch. Litter builds up quickly on our desk, and it’s crucial that you get rid of it. Place a bin under the table, or at least find a close recycling bin. It seems like such a simple trick, but it helps keep your desk clear.

Schedule your cleaning times

Most office workers tend to live their life by a strict schedule. If it’s not in the calendar or on the to-do list, it doesn’t get done! That’s why it’s a great idea to set aside ten minutes once a week to do a thorough clean up. Put it in the diary at a nice quiet time every week.

Do a quick sweep before you leave for the day

When it comes to cleaning and tidying, your mantra is little and often. The more you let clutter build up, the more effort it takes to clear, and the more your postpone. Instead, take small bite size chunks every day. Before you leave the office, do a quick once-over. Throw litter away, return stationery, and line things up for the next day. It takes two minutes but makes a world of difference.

With your new clean desk, you’ll improve productivity in a big way. How messy is your desk right now?

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Written by Dave

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