Are Lefties Better At Sports?

Are lefties better at sports? Well, speaking as someone who writes left handed and was always picked last in school, I would say no. Ah, but that’s not a fair assessment because ten percent of the world population are left handed. So, you have to look at the statistical data and decide whether or not lefties are better. Also, I am not a professional athlete and if I were, I might find myself at an advantage when playing sports with a left hand. As it turns out, the evidence shows that there are an overwhelming number of athletes who are left handed. For instance, the hockey player Wayne Gretzky or the baseball legend Lou Gehrig. So, what makes these players better at the sport than those who favour the right?

A Drive To Succeed

Quite a simple reason but a logical one never the less. If you are told all your life that to play a certain sport you should be right handed, this is going to make some people strive to be the best playing it their way. It’s going to make them more determined because they have less chance to succeed. They will work every day to be the best no matter what and athletes do this anyway. So you can imagine the impact it had back when writing with your left hand was considered the equivalent of worshipping the devil.


Who hasn’t seen Rocky II where in the climactic fight (spoilers ahead) Rocky is swinging away with his right hand? Then, just when all hope seems lost his trainer yells now and Rocky smashes his opponent with a left shot winning the match. You can then see how this element of surprise could easily knock an opponent out of a match in real life. They wouldn’t be expecting it and in one on one sports, this will give a leftie the advantage.


Another advantage is that if players expect to meet right handed players they will be training to win against right-handed players. This is where they will focus most of their attention and, therefore, they will be ill-equipped when a pitcher puts on one of his left handed baseball gloves. Immediately, the batter is going to have to adjust to this change in routine. He won’t always succeed, taking three strikes immediately.


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It’s In Nature

We have all heard the claims that lefties are more creative and apparently a lefty in nature also gives animals a better chance of survival. If snails have shells, that twist the opposite way due to their reliance on leaning left they make it difficult for right handed crabs to catch them. This is not the only example either because predators work the odds. That means they will hunt based on how the majority of their prey live not the minority. The minority have a better chance of survival over all.

So, the same type of situation can be applied to sports players. They have the advantage because they are in the minority and have got skills the competition don’t know how to put up a defence against. Perhaps then lefties are equipped better for playing certain sports. But, if you have skill and determination, you will most likely succeed no matter what hand you play with.

What do you think?

Written by Dave

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