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Are you ready for a winter world cup in Qatar?

For those who might be unaware, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar.  Aside from the prospect that this will mark the very fist time a Middle Eastern country has played host to the World Cup, the intense summer temperatures have given way to a new possibility – that the event itself might be rescheduled for the winter months.  Of course when we say winter in Qatar, we’re talking about highs of 24C (75F), compare this with the typical summer temperatures which often reach a sweltering 50C (122F).

Naturally, this news has generated a bit of controversy in the football world, with some people in various countries protesting the decision.   Likewise, others admonish the idea of Qatar hosting such a prestigious international sporting event in the first place as their various human rights abuses against specific groups are widely known.   We are after all talking about a country here which still upholds Sharia law.  In other words, alcohol is illegal in Qatar and they don’t even officially recognize Israel as a nation.

Of course there is still time to further refine any scheduling conflicts or even to enact other cooling strategies, but what’s most troubling to a lot of sports fans is the notion that this might cause domestic leagues and various teams from around the globe to be thrown into disarray with regards to their own schedules.

At any rate, the decision to move the World Cup date has been hinging on medical stipulations which clearly show how dangerous it would be for the players (as well as spectators) to hold a game in the punishing Qatar summer heat.  Simply put, even trying to hold such an event would likely degrade both the performance of the athletes as well as the overall enjoyment of the audience in attendance.

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