The Best Florida Beaches for Your Vacation Needs

We always hear reports about the best Florida beaches, but rarely are those lists designed around a Florida vacation theme. People visit Florida for different reasons, and your view of the best beach varies depending on why you’re visiting Florida and who you’re going with. So we have put together a list of the best beaches for a few different Florida vacations.

Best Florida Beaches for Families

• Fort Lauderdale Beach

The beaches of Fort Lauderdale were once home to spring breakers and college party goers, but these days things are much for family friendly. The beach here is long, wide and clean, and there is plenty to do, both on and off the beach.

• Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a great day trip for anyone vacationing in Orlando. It’s barely an hour from theme park country, and it has soft sand, decent waves and enough restaurants and gift shops to make for a great family outing. Cocoa Beach is also the home of the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop.

• Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is on Florida’s west coast, so the water is calmer, the beach is wider, and the sand is softer. Most of Clearwater Beach is super wide with few of the beach erosion problems that we see on the east coast. Clearwater has a boardwalk for dining and shopping, lots of room to hang out on the beach and some great boat tours on the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Florida Beaches for Partying

• Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has long been a haven for spring break partiers, and while the crowds have died down a touch, it still offers a happening spot for anyone looking to party. One of the unique things about Daytona Beach is that you can drive right on the sand.

• Lummus Beach

The locals call it “Glitter Beach” because it’s the place in South Beach to be and be seen. This is where the in-crowd goes to make a splash. With pristine sand, sparkling water, designer shops, and the most popular restaurants and bars, Lummus Beach is what makes South Beach one of the hottest beaches in Florida.

• Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is in the panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico. Here the sand is as soft and white as it gets, the beaches are wide, wet and wild, and the atmosphere stays hot even after the sun goes down.

Best Florida Beaches for Relaxation

• Atlantic Beach

This is a favorite for Jacksonville locals, so you won’t find crowds of tourists hanging out at Atlantic Beach. It offers comfortable beaches, enough waves to satisfy the surfers and no high-rise hotels to block the beautiful view.

• Caladesi State Beach

This state beach on Florida’s west coast is accessible only by ferry. With no roads or vehicles allowed, this is one of the best places in Florida to kick back, get away from it all and enjoy the beauty that is the Florida beach.

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