Celebrity substance abuse confessions: Some of your favorite stars tell all

The Hollywood / entertainment age has brought us plenty of stories concerning the wild exploits of famous individuals down throughout the years; however, most of us tend to think that things have really changed.  Well, believe it or not, many of our favorite celebrities have dealt with serious substance abuse issues in the past (or are dealing with them right now).  In fact, many celebrities often decide to go public with their substance abuse, often in the form of alluring “confessions” which tends to generate excitement among many people.  Here are a few of the more interesting (or unbelievable) celebrity substance abuse stories to take into consideration…

Sienna Miller

British actress and fashion designer Sienna Miller has admitted to being a fan of Mushrooms and hallucinogenic drugs.  While most people might consider this to be a shocking revelation, she apparently doesn’t consider it to be all that outrageous.

Oprah Winfrey

Believe it or not, Oprah Winfrey…yes, the mega-rich queen of daytime TV has gone through her own drug phase.  Specifically, Oprah recalls working as a news anchor in Nashville and engaging in the use of cocaine.  Of course that was in the 70’s, but still, it’s not really something you’d expect to hear from someone of her stature.

Elton John

Yes, even Sir Elton John has been known to dabble in drugs from time to time.  Okay, it’s not that hard to imagine Elton John getting into drugs back in the day, especially given the nature of his stage shows, bizarre get-ups and high-energy performances.  However, the illustrious songwriter and singer has admitted that substance abuse is something that has more or less always been him.

Megan Fox

Yes, even the starlets have their drug secrets, and mega-star Megan Fox is certainly no exception.  In fact, Megan has claimed on multiple occasions that many club hoppers in the upper rungs are nearly constantly binging on prescription drugs as well as illegal varieties, even going as far to say that she knows she doesn’t like hard drugs because she’s tried them before.  Of course Fox isn’t a proponent of drug use and now claims to only enjoy recreational marijuana use.

Drew Barrymore

Perhaps one of the more shocking celebrity drug confessions comes from Drew Barrymore, who recounts being under the age of 11 and being directly exposed to marijuana.  Even more outrageous is her story about the subsequent move toward harder drugs like cocaine.

George Clooney

Without a doubt George Clooney is one of the more well-known and respected Hollywood actors out there possessing a rather clean-cut image.  However, it might come as a shock to many to learn that Mr. Clooney has had his run-ins with drugs just the same as virtually every other celebrity out there.  In fact, when asked about his political aspirations he let off a diatribe about his random exploits even going as far as saying that he has in fact “tried to drink the bong water”.

Nicolas Cage

While Nicolas Cage is certainly one of the more visible actors on the scene and has starred in a lot of movies, he’s become something of an internet meme these days.  “Nic Cage the wild man”, might be an appropriate moniker to use.  The reason for this perception might have something to do with telling stories on David Letterman of doing mushrooms with his cat.

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