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Chinese Shooter Game Simulates an Attack on Islands Currently Controlled by Japan

Glorious Mission Online is a new game that simulates an attack on islands currently controlled by Japan. Developed in cooperation with the Chinese military, this new online game was released on Army Day. The game itself simulates an amphibious assault by Chinese troops on the islands of Senkaku or Diaoyu islands that are located in the East China Sea.

The timing of the release coincides with months of tensions as both Chinese and Japanese vessels have confronted each other in the waters off these islands. The game itself features China’s only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, as part of the action.

Initially, the game was developed as training simulators for officers in the People’s Liberation Army of China. The game was then further developed and expanded for the Chinese market.

“Most young boys, from the bottom of their hearts, want to be a soldier. They like to fight, they like to win.” says Gu Kai, Vice President and Game Developer.

Glorious Mission is seen as a means to bolster the image and profile of nationalistic boys who are attracted to games of warfare and help army recruitment as well. The game itself is a series of firefights between Chinese and Japanese troops with securing the islands as the objective.

Tensions around the islands arose last year when the Japanese government purchased the islands from their private owners. This led to massive anti-Japanese protests in China and tensions in the region remain high as Chinese and Japanese vessels play games of cat and mouse in the area.

The introduction of Glorious Mission online game is seen as a complete reversal of Chinese policy about video games, which they denounced a decade ago as being “electronic heroin”. Today, the Chinese military appears to have embraced video games and believes it reaches the hearts of the nationalistic youth of China.

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