Could A Paperless Office Soon Be A Reality? We Find Out!

People have been talking about the ideal paperless office for years now. Environmentalists have always been huge advocates of doing away with paper altogether within offices. There are a few obvious advantages to taking your daily tasks online. For example, saving paper means less mess around the office. It also means that you spend less on paper and that you are helping the environment. If you go paperless now, you might even be eligible for certain tax benefits. That is great, but is a paperless office truly viable? Sure, we are reliant on the internet for most everything these days, but can we ever give up on paper altogether? Here are some simple steps you can take towards having a paperless office.

Only have one printer in your office

Every office needs a printer. The fact that some businesses are still working with paper means that you need to be able to print things from time to time. Have one ’emergency printer’ in your office that people can use when there is no other option but to do so. No office can be fully paperless, when they are dealing with businesses that use paper. For example, if one of your clients only used paper invoices, you might need to bend to their will.

Proof-read on screen

One of the biggest wastes of paper in any office has to be proof-reading. When people need to proof-read documents, they tend to print out various versions of the document. It makes sense because it is easy to make small changes on a hard copy of a document. There are other ways, though, and you should explore them. If you work on-screen, you can still add notes to documents and share them with other people.

Use an online document system

When you are working, you might also want to consider using an online document system. Many companies use Google Docs as their main document system, but it is not always safe. You might want to pay for a premium account with a different document system. That way, you can make sure that your documents are safe and that you are not using any paper.

Send your clients email invoices

If you work with loads of clients, you likely send out a stack of paper invoices every single month. Think about all the paper you are wasting when you do that. It would be much easier and quicker to just send your invoices via email. You can still keep a log of your invoices on your computer. Make sure that you backup your hard drive so that you always have a spare copy of each file. If you don’t want to email people your invoices, you should consider using an app to sync all your invoices.


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Use an online register system

Many offices have flexible working hours, and so use a register at the front desk. The boss uses that register to see when people come into work each day and when they leave. Instead of using a paper register, you might want to consider using a cloud based employee time clock. That way, everyone’s schedule becomes digital. You can use the system remotely and check to see when various employees are at work.

Use online contracts and agreements

Many people shy away from using digital contracts as they worry about whether they are legally binding or not. Your digital signature means as much as your actual signature. When you use a digital contract, it means the same as a normal contract. You don’t have to worry about any legal issues there. You can now get various digital signature apps that allow you to sign digital contracts with no trouble.

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