Different Types of Beds for Different Needs

After a long day at work, we want to rest on a bed that is comfortable and big enough, with clean sheets and soft pillows to allow us to recharge for the next day ahead. Your bed is one piece of furniture that you have to take care of because that is where you rest your mind and body. It must be clean and not lumpy, so you don’t get backaches. Some people who have medical conditions require different softness and thickness of the mattress for comfort and relief from aches and pains. Here are the types of beds you can choose from.

Memory foam 

If you are a side sleeper, then a memory foam bed is perfect for you. It conforms to your body shape, so your shoulder and hip do not get painful in the morning. Because the foam contours to your body, you will feel surrounded by it but still get the support that your body needs. It has a few layers of foam that don’t sag in the middle easily. There is no need to flip the mattress regularly.


This is one of the classic types of Bernhardt beds. It uses metal springs for support. You can tell the quality of the mattress by the number of coils or springs in it. The number of coils and their distribution all over the bed will tell how well it contours to your body. The varied shapes of the springs have an effect on the quality of back support the mattress will provide.


The only thing that supports you when you lie down on a waterbed is the water. For back sleepers, this type is best. There are two types of waterbed: free-flow or wave-less. With the former, there is no chamber blocking the flow of water from all sides of the mattress. This bed moves more than the other one. The latter’s fibers restrict the movement of the water inside the bed, causing less movement.

Adjustable base 

This bed type is the most flexible type, as you can adjust the base to raise your feet or to elevate your head. It also provides excellent back support. Adjustable base beds are perfect for those who have limited mobility and other health conditions who need to elevate parts of their body for comfort.


Instead of memory foam, latex is the primary material. There are different levels of firmness for different needs. Compared to memory foam, latex is less compressed.

Air bed 

An air bed is the most portable type of bed. You can use it anywhere, not just in your bedroom. You can use it for your car on long trips, during camping and sleepovers. Air is the primary support of this bed, and the firmness will rely on how well you inflate it.

If you are having back and sleeping problems and your bed is causing these problems, it is high time to donate it and buy a new one that will relieve your back and sleeping problems. You can shop around and compare bed types to arrive at the most suitable choice.

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