Fantastic Food And Drink For Impromptu Parties

Very often, we’ll take a long time planning the fine details of a party. We plan them in advance and put all of the components together to create the perfect event. This can be great fun for some people whilst it can be others worst nightmare!

Sometimes, however, there are those occasions when we need to plan a party at the very last minute. If the idea of throwing together some amazing party food and drinks at short notice fills you with dread, take a look at our handy hints.


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Whether you are looking for healthy and nutritional snacks for your party or some good old fashioned comfort food, you can find some suggestions below. Now all you need to think about is creating a theme and reducing the amount of washing up! Pssst – we recommend paper plates and cups. Easy to throw away, and no breakages!

1 – Canapes – these are a simple and chic way of treating your guests to a little bit of everything. Avoid really heavy meals and opt for something that can be picked at and savoured.

Mini versions of your favorite meals are always a winner. A British classic of mini fish and chips always go down a treat. You could also try mini burgers on sticks for a tiny but tasty bite.

2 – Cocktails are a great way to serve a variety of drinks and ensure that there’s something for everyone. Create your own cocktails for a fun twist! Have plenty of mixers and fruit slice options on hand to make your drinks look as good as they taste.

3 – World Beers And Wines are a great way to get everyone talking. Try to source wine and beer from all areas of the world and present them to your guests for tasting sessions. For ideas on how to keep your drinks chilled click here for a good starting point.

4 – Cheese Boards are a good way to let your party guests serve themselves. This will keep you free for mingling and enjoying your event! Cheese and wine are a fantastic pairing, and your guests will love sampling various different varieties.

5 – Tapas are another party food choice that you can place on the table and let your guests help themselves to. Sliced meats, finger food and exciting nibbles make great choices. Party food should be easy to eat and delicate. You don’t want your guests to leave covered in food.

Keep the atmosphere fun, friendly and down to earth, and your party will go without a hitch. It is always possible to plan the perfect party in a very short time-frame. You may need to get organized first, but it will all be worth it when you see how much your guests enjoy your efforts.

Don’t forget to take time out to enjoy the party yourself. Holding it at a different venue to your own home (like a local hall) is a great idea as you don’t need to worry about any breakages or stains.

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