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The Financial Benefits of Living in London

As with any big move, a move to the Capital is both exciting and intimidating. Everything can seem rather alien when you first move to London. While the city is huge, it does have incredible transports links, and you can hop around the city via the tube for a low cost. Furthermore, it is an efficient underground system, so you don’t have to worry that you will be stuck in one place at any time.

London has many economic benefits. Living in London can be expensive, but wages and salaries are higher in the Capital than anywhere else in the country. The cost of living can be deemed as high when compared with the rest of the country. As all university towns and cities are met with high cuts, you will be getting a better quality of life when you embark on living in the city.

One of the excellent financial benefits of living in London is that you don’t have to have a car. As the tube makes anywhere in London available, you can ditch the car. There are excellent links from Euston, which make the rest of the country more accessible too. Cutting out tax, MOT, petrol and insurance will save you a few thousand pounds per year by living in London.

As London is so vast, and the competition for customers is high, you can grab a lot of bargains by living in the Big Smoke. Named brands are cheaper in London as companies vie for the attentions of customers. So, while you may a premium to live in London, you can expect to make big savings on your day  to day groceries and shopping needs.

Let’s not sugar coat this: living in London can be expensive when regarding property. Living in London is expensive when you consider rental costs and house prices. Wages, and salaries, which are paid by companies in London are far greater than anywhere else in the rest of the UK. If you want to see the average price of housing within London, take a look at estate agents in Mayfair.

Housing costs are a significant factor when considering living in London. However, the employment opportunities are excellent. As London is the economic hub of the UK, you are sure to find a job that is suited to your skill set and previous experience. Jobs are plentiful in London, which is why so many people are moving to the Capital in order to find work.

The financial crisis of 2008 saw the cost of living in London increase rapidly. However, it has steadily made significant progress since. The average salary means that more and more can live comfortably within the capital. Over the last three years, more people have found that they have a great amount of disposable income when compared to the rest of the UK.

For those who dream of living in London, it no longer has to be a pipe dream. Living in London can expensive when talking about housing, but the cost of living is cheap. What is more, your quality of life is improved significantly. London is a melting pot of culture and in short, is one of the best cities in the world.

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