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Foods That Will Help Lower Anxiety

It has been said that one’s diet is not only crucial to ensure the proper function of the body, but also the mind.  In other words, while the mind might exert dominion over the body, it still relies on nutrients and minerals in order to maintain its health.  But what about mental health – is there anything that can help in that department?

Believe it or not, there are many foods that will help you to better manage psychological conditions like extreme anxiety.   Don’t believe it?  Well, if you were an extremely nervous person it wouldn’t make much sense to consume copious quantities of caffeine, now would it?  By simply limiting or paying special attention to how much sugar, caffeine, high glycemic carbohydrates and alcohol you intake, you can avoid anxiety flare-ups.

Dark Chocolate

First off we have something that will certainly pique your interest, chocolate.  Yes, dark chocolate can provide health benefits in addition to helping to positively affect brain chemistry (cortisol production).  Cortisol is actually called the stress hormone by some, and many studies indicate that a proper balance of it can help maintain a mentally balanced state as well as maintain blood-glucose levels.

Chamomile Tea

Sure, it might be considered a rather ancient solution to the problem of dealing with anxiety, but it works.  Chamomile tea has been studied extensively and has been shown to help treat not only anxiety, but also mitigating factors like depression as well as insomnia.  Additionally, people report success in using chamomile tea to tame menstrual cramps as well as colds.  Furthermore, there seems to be evidence that habitual chamomile tea drinkers tend to turn up with lower instances of developing cancer…

Whole Grain Breads and Pastas

Foods containing complex carbohydrates actually help to add additional serotonin to the mix.  Whole grains contain tryptophan, which gets converted into serotonin so that it can calm overactive neurotransmitters and promote a balanced mental state.  Moreover, you get more required nutrients from whole grain foods, which is an incredibly good thing.  Likewise, if you suspect that you might have something like a magnesium deficiency, whole grain breads and pastas are definitely the way to go.

Stuff with B vitamins in it

Nuts, leafy green vegetables, beans and certain types of cereal are good sources of vitamin B and should be consumed regularly.  Aside from promoting cardiovascular health, B vitamin-rich foods also tend to positively influence the central nervous system (which in turn, helps alleviate anxieties).

Good luck, stay strong and stay healthy!

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