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Gadget Gift ideas for the Holidays

If you were to name only one class of products which has seemingly universal appeal (across all boundaries like age, race, etc.) it would have to be gadgets.  Think about it: who doesn’t like receiving a flashy new device as a Christmas gift?  Sometimes it seems as though the holidays were invented to sell fresh gadgets to a highly intrigued public, with cravings for amazing little inventions which incite delight.

Of course actually purchasing gadgets for your friends and family is yet another issue altogether.  With the amazing breadth of products out there to choose from, it’s easy to get lost and/or confused.  Not to worry, we have you covered – here are some excellent holiday Gadget Gift ideas…

Nest Protect smoke alarm

What better gift to present to those you love than one that helps to better protect them in emergency situations?  The Nest Protect smoke alarm is basically a smart, all-in-one alert system which monitors not only for smoke vapors, but also things like carbon monoxide emissions.  However, rather than loudly blaring an annoying streak of noises when activated, it can be programmed to actually deliver a relevant message.Withings Pulse

Personal health is always important, but do you actually take the time to measure your body’s biometrics on a regular basis?  Probably not, right?  Well, the Withings Pulse is a small, elegant solution for monitoring your activities and best of all, it’s tiny enough to fit inside your pocket or on your wrist.

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FiftyThree Pencil

If you own a tablet computer then you already know that doing certain things can be…well, frustrating at times.  Not to worry though, the FiftyThree Pencil affords you the ability to control things onscreen as you would with any other stylus.  While the Pencil might look like any other, it’s actually able to connect to an app that accurately tracks its movements.  The result is an electronic pencil that responds just like a real one.

Romo smartphone robot

Admit it, when you were a kid you wanted a pet robot.  Well, thanks to the Romo smartphone robot, you can have one.  In short, the Romo is a moving docking station for the iPhone which brings to life an intuitive pet, of sorts.  The bot even learns and adapts to your behavior over time, which might make for some very intriguing or hilarious escapades.

Nomad ChargeCard / ChargeKey

How many times have you been somewhere and had your smartphone battery run out?  Moreover, what would you do in a pinch if you needed to access your device but couldn’t?  You need not worry any longer because the Nomad ChargeCard (or ChargeKey), which acts as a sort of “always with you” cable, will allow you to quickly charge up your smartphone by connecting to any other USB-capable device.  Don’t leave home without it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

For those with a penchant for photography, your typical tiny smartphone camera lens just won’t do.  That’s why Samsung has done the unthinkable and paired a quality fully-featured camera with that of a smartphone – with no loss in terms of abilities on either end.  Yes, Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is a bona-fide smartphone (with a large touch display) that’s able to do everything you’d expect, but instead of a flat back it has a large 21x zoom lens.  In short, it’s perfect for people who take lots of pictures on a regular basis.

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