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Good morning Vietnam: McDonald’s will soon open a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Call it healing old wounds or simply another instance of how capitalism can traverse virtually any boundary, Vietnam is going to be receiving their first McDonald’s franchise very soon.  Without a doubt this news will be well-received by a considerable percentage of the Vietnamese youth population who seem to be eager to not only learn more about the West, but to also perhaps study and live there.  Of course we’re only talking about a relatively simple restaurant chain here, not a complete introduction to Western civilization, but on the other hand, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?  At any rate, it’s definitely good news, especially considering that we’re talking about a country that was once mired in a brutal conflict with the US.

The franchise itself was handed down to Henry Nguyen, a Harvard-educated businessman who also worked as an associate at none other then Goldman Sachs.  It’s also worth noting that Henry is the son-in-law of Vietnam’s prime minister as well as managing general partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam.  In short, it would seem that the franchise is in good hands, which will certainly delight more than a few fast food fans in that country.

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