Your Guide To Outdoor Planters

If you love to have plants outside, but you do not have a large area to plant flowers in or even bad soil, you can get outdoor planters.

These planters are an excellent way to add both decoration and colour to your yard, and they can hold all the plants that you love so much.

Many people are surprised by all the different types of planters that there are available. Of course, the season might affect your selection due to the weather. In this guide, we take a look over some of the popular options. Let’s begin.

Types of Outdoor Planters for Your Yard

When it comes to planters, you can choose basic hanging basket planters or pots that sit anywhere you want them. You can get plastic pots, ceramic pots, iron planters and more.

You also have the choice of self-watering planters or not. The choices are unending especially if you then get into uniquely shaped planters or at the very least more decorative ones.

It is often kind of hard to decide to settle for a particular type of planter over the other. You may even want to consider a unique type of pots for one area over another area.

This could mean wooden pots near your wooden deck or planters with aquatic scenes painted onto them near your pool area. For those who have a larger garden, you might have a pond, and you can scatter a number of planters around close to the pond liners, making it look stunning.

You can also get planters that are on stands that look like multi-tracked shelves. You can get shelves that are wooden or decorative as well.

When it comes to planters, you can have anything you can imagine in a planter, and still, find more that will surprise you.

Prices of Outdoor Planters

The price of your planter will vary depending on the style you want, the size you want and the materials you want it made out of.

If you want a huge wooden planter that looks like a bench and may hold several flowers together in it, you could be looking at $150.

If you want just a basic small plastic planter that you can hang from a tree or a stand in your yard, you could spend closer to $10.

A resin planter that is self-watering may cost you about the same price as the larger wooden planter, but it comes in a much sturdier material and should last you many years with no chance that it will rot.

Choosing a planter is a big task if you are not sure what type you want. However, it should also be an interesting thing to search for with endless opportunity for you to discover what is available in the flower department.

With careful consideration, you should be able to match the perfect flower with the perfect outdoor planter.

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