How to Choose a Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom

We might not discuss it frequently, but, toilet seats are one of the most important fixtures of our homes and offices. You cannot just go and grab a toilet seat for your bathroom. There are a number of things to be considered before zeroing on a decision of purchasing a certain commode. You not only need to look at a toilet seat from the angle of usability but also from the bathroom decor viewpoint. Yes! Your bathroom’s aesthetics too need to be pleasant. Read on to know how to choose a toilet seat that enhances the beauty of your bathroom while serving its purpose well.

Determine the shape – The first thing you need to look for is the shape of the toilet bowl and the seat. They generally come in round and elongated oval shape. Round toilet seats take lesser space hence are still the standard choice. However, elongated oval seats are gaining popularity as they give the more stylish look and are more comfortable too. So, if your bathroom is spacious enough, you can choose to install elongated toilet seats. Some new designs too are being introduced in the market. If you like one of those, be sure to test the shapes on the basis of comfort and overall look; it should blend easily with your bathroom.

Choose the right material – Plastic, wood and cushioned are the three general kinds of toilet seats you can find. This is a very important consideration for purchasing a toilet seat. Most of the toilet seats you see in homes and offices are high-impact plastic seats. These seats can get very cold in winters so if you are in a place with long winter months then avoid plastic seats. The natural wood seat is a warmer option and it also gives a more standard look. But, you’ll have to choose toilet cleaners very carefully as some of them can damage the wood. Cushioned seats are soft and comfortable but can split and break over time.

Decide a mount type – There are two mount options you can get – conventional bolt-and-nut, integral bolt-and-nut. For sure, you mostly see the conventional bolt-and-nut mount toilet seats. But, the integral bolt-and-nut mount gives a more flawless look. You won’t find much difference in use but integral style can be frustrating when you need to change the seat in future. Helpful Habitat product reviews for the home can be the best source for you to choose the right bathroom fixture for you.

Think before padding – While the padding is not a mandatory thing for a toilet seat but many people like padded seats due to their comfy feeling. Padded toilet seats are very comfortable but think twice if you have an ageing or a disabled family member. Shifting from shower benches or wheelchair is difficult when a toilet seat is padded. If you have a family member who’ll need to transfer from wheelchair or shower bench then you should either drop the plan of padding or install extra grab bars near the toilet seat.

Hope this article helped you in choosing a toilet seat for your bathroom.

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