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How to prepare for Christmas

Most of the time when we think about Christmas it’s to imagine what gifts we’d like to receive or perhaps give to others, you know it’s true.  Additionally, when doing internet searchers for Christmas topics it’s often standard to find some information regarding ways to alleviate depression or even enhance your holiday spirit.  The point is, you don’t often see people discussing how they might actually prepare themselves for Christmas, mentally and/or physically.  I mean let’s face it, during that time of the year emotions tend to run hot and aside from all the general activity taking place we often have to juggle intense stress and numerous responsibilities.  Here are some tips which will help prepare you (and perhaps allow you to retain your sanity)…

For starters you should be sure to start purchasing presents, decorations, wrapping paper, etc… a number of months in advance of the actual holiday.  There’s nothing worse than holding off til’ the last minute to try to do some Christmas holiday, if you do that you’re almost guaranteed to have a bad time.  Instead, begin either secretly purchasing gifts for friends and family members months in advance of December, in this way, you’ll be much more mentally at rest come Christmas Eve.  Similarly, if you’re reading this during a summer, fall or spring month, you might want to think about picking up some discounted x-mas themed decorations and wrapping paper now, as it tends to be much cheaper due to increased overhead.

Send out cards or even better, email invites a month or two in advance if you’re going to be serving dinner and be sure to get them to RSVP (so you know how many will likely be in attendance).    If you’re going to be cooking (or even buying / catering) for a sizable crowd it’s important to know how many guests will actually be showing up, isn’t it?   Additionally, you might want to ask each person to clearly state whether or not they have any special considerations or food allergies which you’ll need to account for (safety is always important, after all.  You want your holidays to be “memorable”, not vividly nightmarish).

Take the time to rest and recharge leading up to and all throughout the Christmas season.  In other words, whenever possible, slip away and take a long, hot shower or get a few hours of napping time during the day.  Moreover, try to get at least 8 full hours of sleep each day so that you’re not sluggish, stressed-out and miserable all the time.  Not only will you feel better, you’ll make for better company and will be much less likely to do something regrettable when a relative inevitably crosses the line or gets on your nerves.

Lastly, you should consider scheduling some consecutive “holiday movie nights” for friends and/or family in the days leading up to Christmas.  This will not only set the tone for the season and put everyone in a holiday mood, but it might also bring everyone closer together on a personal level, which is great.

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