How to prepare for Halloween

Though Christmas and Easter are fun holidays, nothing can surpass Halloween in terms of pure entertainment. All bets are off during All Hallows’ Eve where spooky fun awaits at every corner and candy feasts are actively encouraged. Just because Halloween is fun, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for it. Having everything in check before the fated day will allow you to focus on the festivities without a worry in the world. After all, who wants to have a panic attack on Halloween?

Costume preparations

While you can technically wear a costume and scare people every day, society might frown upon you. However, doing the same thing on Halloween means that you are merely honoring the timeless tradition. Since the vast majority of people are pretty poor planners, many forget all about their costumes until it’s too late. Planning your costume beforehand means that you can create an imaginative and unique piece. In contrast, running to the costume store a day before Halloween means that you will pay extraordinary amounts of money for something that you may not even like that much.

Infernal decorations

Nothing says “I love Halloween” more than a spooky house. Importantly, this doesn’t mean that you should spend truckloads of cash in scary figurines or other items. Creativity is key in Halloween because you can create an eerie atmosphere even without any real ghosts in the house. A little glue, some dark fabric, and a lot of LED lights are all you need to create a spectacular visual panorama that will be responsible for many people’s nightmares in true Halloween spirit.

A feast of sweets

When you are in a constant state of terror, also known as Halloween, candy is like the nectar of the gods. The various sweets will nurture you, fill you up, and make you scream in joy as the sugar in your blood reaches critical levels. Preparing enough candy for Halloween is a sacred task and no one wants to deny kids from the one thing they love more than dressing up: eating sugar. If you want to be more creative, there are plenty of ways to make gross-looking but delicious sweets as things like a little red food coloring can do wonders.

Spookiness and horror

Aside from the sweets and costumes, another staple of Halloween is terror. From grotesque pumpkins to spooky decorations, fear in tiny dosages never hurt anyone. Even though you probably want to avoid telling gory or incredibly scary stories to children, perhaps some of your adult friends might also be in need of some genuine Halloween scares. Pull a terrifying prank, read up on scary stories, and generally try to remember that Halloween is all about those monsters hiding in your closet.

Safety first

Safety is probably the last thing that springs to the minds of trick-or-treaters and everyone else engulfed in the spirit of Halloween. As such, you should always be prepared for the worst. With so many kids running around, for instance, a first aid kit might come in handy. Lanterns should be kept in very specific places where children cannot reach them. Sharp objects should be removed from all accessible areas, especially in places where people might get scared.

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