How to Take Great Photos that will Wow

Taking great photos doesn’t have to be difficult. These days there are plenty of cameras, equipment, software and even phones that allow people to take a great photo without spending a fortune. Great photography is both a skill and an art. However, by learning some tips and understanding the basics you can be well on the way to taking great photos that can wow, without the use of a good quality photography studio.

Exposure basics

Learning the basics when it comes to exposure and settings on your digital camera can really help in getting that perfect shot. Take some time to get to grips with the ISO, shutter speed and aperture on your camera, and you’ll thank yourself later when you get some fantastic shots.

As you learn, play around with different settings so you can get to grips with what works for you. It’s really easy to find tips online to get settings based on the kind of image you’re trying to create.


ISO is all about adjusting the camera for the amount of light available in the background. Changing the settings can create a lighter image or darken the shadows for a more dramatic effect. The more light you have to work with, the lower your ISO can be and vice versa.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed is all about getting the right exposure for the picture. Your shutter speed essentially controls the amount of light that reaches the sensor. A longer shutter speed, therefore, lets in more light and can alter the image. Shutter speed is great for capturing motion within an image and you can change the speed to take some great sports photos or capture moving water like a waterfall.


The aperture is the setting that creates an opening in the lens to allow in light. It’s measured in f stops; the larger the f stop, the more of the image is in focus. It works in a similar way to shutter speed in that it controls the amount of light that hits the sensor, but rather than focusing on the timing, it is measured almost like a circle within the image. Within that circle is what the picture is focusing on.

Digital photography and technology

It’s possible to learn quite easily how to take some great pictures by doing your research to get to grips with the basics, as well as experimenting with your own digital camera. Learning to be familiar with the settings that take the type of shots you want to create. Taking photographs that look good isn’t just about the settings on a camera, but also the composition you are trying to create. Whether you want to take portraits, photos of landscape or create your own story, the picture composition can really make a difference between a good photo and a fantastic one.

In addition to your own composition and imagination, software such as photoshop and similar programmes can really help to sharpen, resize, adjust light and colours of an image to create the type of image you were looking for. Making minor touches can really make an impact on a photograph.

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