Learn How To Read Someones Mind With The Power Of Mathematics

Many people think that maths is a boring, mainly useless subject, what with all those letters, numbers and funny shapes thrown around. But what if we told you that using maths, you could read somebody’s mind? Ok, so you won’t really be reading their mind, but you’ll seem like you are. This is a cool party trick or playground trick that everyone can use to impress their friends and make them wonder how you did it. Maths teachers and tutors like those from the Maths Doctor won’t even teach you these tricks! Read on to learn how you can read someone’s mind with the power of maths!

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Tips To Remember:

You don’t have to be “clever” to do this, so don’t worry! All you have to do is remember the steps in the right order. Before you start, make sure you’ve learned the steps off by heart. You should only try it with one person at a time, too! There are 2 methods you can choose from:

Method 1

Step 1

Ask your friend to pick a number between one and ten but tell them not to tell you the number (For example, 5).

Step 2

Tell them to now times this number by 2 (5 times 2 is 10).

Step 3

Now tell them to multiply this number by 5 (10 times by 5 is 50).

Step 4

They must now divide their current number with the original number they picked (50 divided by 5 is 10).

Step 5

Ask them to take away 7 from their number (10 take away 7 is 3!).

Step 6.

Impress your friend by telling them the number they have in their head now is…*drum roll*…3! If you’ve done it in the right order, the answer to this method will always be 3.

Method 2

Step 1

Start out again by telling your friend to pick a number between 1 and 10 (for example, 3).

Step 2

Tell your friend to multiply this number by 2 (3 times by 2 is 6).

Step 3

Now you must quickly choose a number yourself to ask them to multiply their new number by (this is impress it because you can change it every time and you’ll still always get the answer right). Even numbers are easier so try to stick to those! Ask your friend to add *insert your chosen number here* to the number that is now in their head (6 plus 8, for example, is 14).

Step 4

Tell them to divide their new number by 2 (14 divided by 2 is 7).

Step 5

Tell them to take away the number they originally chose from the one that’s now in their head (7 takeaway 3 is 4).

Step 6

Now “read their mind” for the answer. The answer should always be half of the number you asked them to add in step 3 if you’ve done it right. In this case, the answer is 4!

As you can see, it’s really easy to use maths to “read minds”. Use these tricks and you will definitely impress your friends!

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Written by Dave

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