LED Landscape Lighting for Beginners

High-quality landscape lighting installed by professional lighting experts not only lights up the exterior of your home for safety, it creates a certain ambience and gives your home a style statement of its own.

If you’re looking to enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space with bespoke LED landscape lighting, here is q quick primer on the subject.

Why is LED used for outdoor landscape lighting?

There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, LED or light-emitting diodes, is a technologically advanced form of lighting that lasts longer than conventional halogen and CFL bulbs.

Additionally, LEDs are free of mercury and emit a lot less carbon dioxide and radiation, which makes them an environment-friendly lighting solution for both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, the light produced by LED lights can be customized in terms of tone, strength and direction, making it an ideal choice for mood lighting.

What landscape lighting solutions are available on the market today?

You can use the services of a landscape lighting company to illuminate your porch, backyard, poolside, patio, garden, lawn, garage door, exterior walls, trees, flowerbeds, and every other outdoor space that should reflect your discerning, individual taste and distinct lifestyle.

You can also magically transform your pool or pond with waterproof underwater LED lighting. Install path lights to artistically light up a cobbled path in your garden or the path leading up to your home or pool. To keep the upgrade affordable, ask your lighting contractor to provide a mix of lighting options within your budget.

What are some features to look for in LED lighting systems for landscaping?

First and foremost, the fixtures and fittings used in the lighting system should be of top quality so that the lights can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, hail and snow. Second, the LED bulbs used should be low voltage so that your energy bills won’t shoot through the roof. Next, you should be able to control the lighting system with a remote control.

Other features that differentiate quality LED lighting systems from cheap, second-grade solutions include the ease of controlling the equipment through a mobile app, the ability to dim the lights according to mood and occasion, and the experience and know-how of the designers and installation technicians.

Lastly, don’t forget to check if the seller offers warranty and after-sale service and maintenance, and at what price.

Are LED landscape lighting systems expensive?

There are several landscape lighting companies out there that offer cheap lighting solutions to attract customers; however, when you’re looking for an outdoor lighting solutions provider pricing alone should not the deciding factor. LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting in San Diego, CA need not be expensive if you take the time to find a company that specializes in illuminating outdoor areas with affordable and durable lighting systems.

What is the quality of fixtures and equipment used by the contractor? Do they have the capability to offer you a custom-designed solution? Do they have the experience to do a good job? Ask these questions before hiring a contractor.

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