Lower Your Anxiety With These Simple Tips

Intense, sometimes crippling anxiety is an affliction that affects millions of people.   In fact, one might argue that in our modern world, anxiety is a constant factor whether it is related to decision-making or just day-to-day life in general.  Regardless of its cause however, each of us has to learn to control, confront or contain our anxiety, failure to do so can result in a wide range of difficulties, some of which might make things unbearable.  At any rate, here are a few tips you can use to help lower your anxiety levels…

Relax and take a deep breath

Yes, it’s the most overused clichéd solution in the book, but simply stepping back from a situation to relax and take a few deep breaths actually helps to alleviate most anxieties.  It’s all about relaxing your muscles and nervous system so that you’re able to think more clearly.  Ideally, you want to practice this routine as often as possible, even when you’re not facing a direct threat so that it becomes a natural response.

Realize when you’re over-analyzing a situation

It’s often been said that “we are our own worst enemies”; in other words, perhaps the problem isn’t the outside world or others so much as it is yourself that’s preventing you from enjoying life.  Pay close attention to what that little subconscious voice inside your mind says and puts forth.  More often than not, overly anxious people will discover that they’re hyper-critical of themselves and / or prone to highlighting their own perceived inadequacies.  Instead, either put that voice on hold or reason out why this line of thinking isn’t healthy.

Face the situation anyway, expecting the worst to happen

Alternatively, you can simply throw yourself headlong into the situation or fear you possess without regard for the consequences.  Adopting a “devil may care” attitude might very well be able to help some people surmount certain challenges that they might otherwise never have even attempted.  Likewise, if you expect disaster and are successful then you will be receiving an unexpected gift which can greatly boost self-esteem.

Keep revisiting and facing the fear until it becomes tedious

Whenever a person has an intense fear of something the initial reaction is to avoid it at all costs.  However, if one does this they will never be able to conquer their fears.  As a solution, try dwelling or lingering on your anxieties until you literally are bored to tears thinking about it.  Once you reach this point the fear will likely begin to dissipate, leaving you in a mental space where you are ready to face down your apprehensions.  Moreover, use comedy, parody and even observational humor to help you deal with certain anxieties; as they say, “laughter is the best medicine”.

The “all the world’s a stage”-approach

Part of the reason that intense anxieties exist is due to the fact that we approach life with a very serious mindset.  The idea is that “if we make a mistake or fail, we have failed at life”.  Banish such thoughts immediately.  In truth, every single person on Earth encounters failure in a majority of situations / activities they participate in.  To put it another way, failure is the standard, success is the exception.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!

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