Luxury Vacation On Mind- Why Plan Well In Advance?

We all need some time off from our daily routines to kick off our shoes, sit back and unwind. What better way to do it than take few days off and escape to some beautiful place for a vacation.

Exotic destinations or high-end luxury resorts may just seem like a dream to you right now. But with the right planning and strategy, you can make this dream come true- and that too within your budget! Whether your idea of a vacation is to sit with your feet in the sand while reading a book, or being tucked away in a peaceful cabin amidst mountains we have enlisted all the things you need to know to plan this much-needed getaway.

  • Start Planning

The sooner you start planning the better. We suggest that you should start planning your vacation at least 6 months in advance. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you have to book everything immediately, you just need to do a basic research on the internet on possible places to stay, flight costs and other basic expenses. By getting a rough budget estimate, you will be able to narrow down on your location, number of travel days and can start working backward for making your vacation happen.

  • Selecting a Destination

If you are looking at spending more time lazing around and pampering yourself in the resort, it might be a smart option to choose a cheaper destination like Thailand as compared to some place in Europe. Not only is the stay going to be cheaper but also other expenses like food, travel, and shopping (because shopping when on vacation is a must!!) will also be much cheaper.

  • Booking your Airfare

A huge chunk of the budget is usually taken up by airfare and hotels. Finding good deals on airfare will leave you with more money to book a fancier resort. We suggest looking for coupons online and comparing flight prices on various websites before booking.

Making use of frequent flyer schemes is another way to add to your luxury vacation by traveling in style. You can use your air miles for upgrading to premium, business or even first class- so start saving!

  • Booking your Hotel

There are so many options available today that we are spoilt for choice. Shortlist few places which include what you really must have for your vacation to be complete. Some people’s main priority is a pool with a great view, whereas, others have to have a hotel which is known for its spa. Depending on what all you need, you can shortlist few hotels. Once you have done this you should go through the cost of a room per night in each hotel and how it fits in your budget. This will help you narrow down a place which not only suits your budget but you won’t have to compromise on your vacation.

You can even look out for hotels which offer an all-inclusive luxury vacation package as well. Make sure to go through the hotel’s website as a lot of them offer packages depending on the number of nights, which can turn out to be a good deal and save you a few dollars. You can even try to ask the hotel for an upgrade and you never know, you may just get lucky! After all, there is no harm in asking!

  • Within Country Travel

Having a luxury vacation does not mean that you have to splurge on travel within the country.

Options like renting your own car instead of paying for drivers or unnecessarily expensive cars can save you a lot of money which can be used for something like a relaxing day at the spa, a great meal at a fancy restaurant or anything that you know will make you think back to your vacation and make you smile. However, if driving around in a luxurious car or a flashy sports car is what will add to your luxury vacation, then that is something you must do, but make sure to book it in advance to get a good deal.

All this might sound a bit tedious to you right now, but once you start planning and going through all the details, trust us, you are going to get even more excited for this vacation. So with just a little bit of planning in advance, you can now make your dream of a luxury vacation come true within your budget! Bon voyage!

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