Questions to Ask Yourself Before Concluding It is Time to Move

Do you want to move, but you are not sure of your decision? It is okay for you to feel that way. You will see pros and cons to every option you consider. You need to ask yourself these critical questions if you are at a crossroads right now.

What is my goal in life? 

You need to go back to your ultimate goals in life. If you do not know if moving is the right decision, you need to ask yourself if that decision will help you achieve the bigger plans that you have in mind. If yes, you need to pursue it; otherwise, you will regret not even giving it a shot.

Will it make me financially secure? 

Most people decide to move when they know it is the right thing to do to make them financially stable. Before, you might not have cared much because you were single, and you only needed to fend for yourself. Now, you have a family, and you want to give them a bright future. If moving could provide that chance, you cannot say no.

Am I still happy where I am now? 

Some people in your town might have already left in search of greener pastures. The people you knew are not there anymore. The place started to change, and now you barely recognise it. Pause for a while to ask yourself if you are still happy about where you are. You might be in a place that makes you feel stuck. You keep doing the same things each day, but nothing brings joy. If you cannot be honest with yourself in saying that you are genuinely happy, there is no point in staying.

Do I want to take the risk? 

Leaving comes with lots of risks. You will be meeting new people in a new community and your new workplace. You do not know if you will like your new neighbours, or if you will enjoy working with your new colleagues. You also do not know if your kids will be in a school where they will have fun and learn. Despite all these possible problems, you need to think if the move is worth it. If you can conclude that these risks are worth taking, you need to push through with your plan.

Does this house remind me of a terrible past? 

If you say yes to this question, there is only one way to move forward, and that is to pack your bags and leave. You cannot stay in the same place that brings so much pain to your heart. You need to be elsewhere to have a new beginning. You owe it to yourself to be happy and staying in the same place will not give you the happiness you deserve.

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