Small Businesses Should Outsource These Tasks

When you’ve just started your own business, it can feel like you’re an entrepreneurial superhero. You started your own company! That’s a pretty heroic task. Suddenly it feels like you can do anything! Everything!

Well, not so fast. Let the adrenaline rush wear off a bit and start seeing things clearly. If you’ve started a small business, then it might not be wise for you to try doing everything yourselves. There are plenty of tasks that you can consider outsourcing. The fact is that in the early days you’re going to be very busy. Your efforts will be (and should be) funnelled into your product and your clients or customers. Outsourcing is often seen as something only the big companies do, but there are now plenty of options open to smaller businesses.

Data entry

Data entry falls into the category of extremely repetitive tasks. Pretty much everyone who has spent hard time with data entry has often thought “why can’t someone else be doing this?” This is usually because the people doing the data entry have something else to do. Often, that is actually creating the data that needs to go into the database.



Data entry, and similar processes such as form processing, is something you can outsource. It seems smarter than hiring someone specifically to sit there and copy something out into a database! Axion is an example of a company who provides such a service.

Brand management

Do we need to highlight the importance of a strong online presence for any business? No doubt you’re already well aware. You’ve probably also heard about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). But what about the importance of analyzing that data? We talk often about the importance of maintaining these things, but how do we know that they’re working?



It involves spending a lot of time monitoring your performance from an outside perspective. It’s checking the efficacy of outreach tactics. Scouring local search and review websites for comments. Comparing yourself against your competitors. Even if you have an online marketing specialist on-site, that can be too much to take in. Services such as Chatmeter allow you to outsource this particular job.

Executive expertise

A lot of small companies have to get by without highly-qualified and experienced executives. If you’ve just started a business fresh out of college, then the chances are that your “executives” are fellow graduates and peers. But executives should be the masters of their field. The chief marketing officer, chief financial officer, chief information officer; they’re all masters. And they get paid commensurately.


Visual Hunt

And therein lies the problem. The average salary of an executive spends time around the six-figure mark. A small business may not have the money to hire executives full-time. But when your business is growing, you kind of need an executive. What do you do?

You’ve probably already guessed the answer. You can outsource executive leadership. This means you can get temporary or part-time executive support for your business. They can come to your officers and work directly with your senior management. Any executive position can be temporarily created in such a way. The Nevada Leadership Group have more details on this option.

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Written by Dave

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