Teachers Could Help Protect Students from the Consequences of Phone Use

Teachers play a very crucial role in any class. They not only offer knowledge to the students, but they also serve as the guardians while the parents are not present. Teachers also deal with all sorts of issues at school. Apart from academic and behavioural problems, students also face health risks.

The use of phones is quite a controversial topic now. Some schools allow students to use phones for educational reasons. Others ban the use of phones because of the health risks and other potential dangers.

If the school allows the students to use their phones and the parents also do not disagree with the policy, it is essential that the teachers explain to the kids how to be responsible.

Set a time for using the phone 

Some parents allow their children to have phones for communication purposes. They also want their children to search for information online to further their knowledge. However, during class hours when the teacher is teaching, or there are classroom activities, the students need to turn their phones off, or at least keep them in their bag. The teachers need to impose this strict rule for everyone to follow.

Understanding information obtained using phones 

The idea that students use their phones to search for information and go beyond what the teacher tells them is a good thing. However, it is possible for students to obtain inaccurate information because they do not know which sources to believe. Teachers need to tell the students to be careful about accepting whatever they see online. If parents could set parental controls to block sites that show harmful, inaccurate or sexual content, it would be more helpful.

Using social media 

Apart from the use of phones to gain knowledge, students also use phones for interaction. Regardless of how you feel about kids having social media accounts, it seems inevitable at this point. Children already understand what social media means, and they might even be better than parents at using all the features. The key is for both parents and teachers to guide students in using social media. Some kids might experience cyberbullying. Others might post obscene images that could harm their privacy. It is crucial for them to know how to be responsible in the use of social media.

Protection against radiation 

Another risk of using phones is that it could lead to radiation exposure. Small doses might be okay, but hours of use could lead to serious health risks. Teachers need to remind students to limit the number of hours when using their phones. If parents purchased EMF protection jewellery, it would be great. Students could either use it as an accessory or keep it close to them. These protective devices block radiation and prevent adverse effects.

Parents and teachers must communicate to ensure that students receive proper guidance regarding the use of their phones. Terrible things could happen when no one provides accurate information for students.

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