The Best Cars for Firms

When it comes to picking out a company car, there are plenty of factors that must come into consideration. You want an affordable, reliable and great-looking car – so it can be difficult to decide where to start. If you’re unsure how to choose the best car for the team at your firm, here are some helpful tips. You should ensure that you choose a car that is:

Affordable to Insure

A company has to insure an entire fleet of cars, so it is important that the car you choose comes with affordable insurance rates. The Kia Rio is a great example of a car that is affordable to insure. It not only has the elegant look that you would expect from a company car; it also costs an average of just under £600 to insure per year. Available at Kia Stockton, this car makes for a wise choice for firms that are shopping around for a new company car.

Low on Carbon Emissions

Putting several cars on the road for employees, you’ll want to minimise the environmental impact of your company’s fleet. If this is your main priority, then the Toyota Prius is a great way to go, with CO2 emissions of 70g/km. Thanks to the car’s low fuel efficiency and emissions, you some offset other costs to make your money go further to spend on other important aspects of your company car.

Safe and Secure

You obviously want your employees to remain safe while they’re on job and on the road. One of the best-rated cars for keeping drivers safe is the Volkswagen Arteon. It proves that a car can be stylish and safe at the same time, with a 96% rating for adult occupant protection in the 2017 Euro NCAP tests. It also features low running costs that is certainly a great selling point when picking out a card for your company’s fleet.


Your employees will likely be travelling far distances in their company car, and it is important that they can rest assured they will won’t be delayed by breakdowns as they travel. The Toyota Aygo is one of the most reliable cars in the country. With a 100% reliability rating from in the 2017 What Car Reliability survey, it was one of only a few cars that did not break down over the course of its first three years.

Affordable to Repair

If their car does happen to break down, it is important that the repair costs are not through the roof. You have several cars to take care of in your fleet, and repair costs for many vehicles can certainly add up over time, especially since the average cost of car repair is £1678. The Honda CR-V is, on average, one of the most affordable cars to repair.  With a large capacity and a sleek look, it makes a great for a company car.

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