The Little Things In Business That Make A Big Difference

Dealing with the big problems is something that you must take care of when you are the boss. The big details can instantly cripple your company, which is the main reason they need addressing. However, the small details also need addressing because they can have as big a negative effect. Once they start to spiral out of control, there is no way to stop the spin.

Although they might seem insignificant, they are not, so here are a few of the little things you might want to reconsider. In the end, they can make the difference between success and failure.

Quality Control

Although everyone wants to do their best work all of the time, mistakes can slip through the cracks. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake because they can happen. However, there is something wrong with not spotting the mistake before it goes into general publication. A simple spelling or grammatical error on a company letterhead, for example, does not show your business in the best of light. Simply check every document and piece of work before it goes out to maximise your image and professionalism.


When you deal with clients or customers, you have to assume that they are in charge. And, they are in charge to a degree. They are the ones who are looking to spend money or make an investment, an investment that is central to the growth of your firm. The problem is customers and clients understand the dynamic, and they can try and exploit your good nature. It is not uncommon, therefore, for people to lose their temper. But, the result is that you end up insulting the opposite party, and they take their business elsewhere. Just bite your tongue and be as polite as possible where it is necessary. Clients and customers alike love polite and well-mannered customer service.




Seriously? Parking? Yes, parking is a deal breaker where a lot of people are concerned. For starters, it gives off the right impression. The last thing you want is a potential business partner having to trek miles up the road to make a meeting. It just doesn’t look right and gets you off on a bad footing. Secondly, it affects your workforce. Your staff is as important to your sales and growth as any new customer or client. Take care of the little details like parking, and it will make their life easier. Once they are satisfied and happy, their productivity will start to increase. Whether you need water permeable pavers or just more parking space, seriously consider its impacts.


That goes for both you and your team. If your employees don’t turn up on time, you fall behind before you have even begun. Burning daylight is not efficient, and it will ruin productivity. From your point of view, you have to walk the talk, so you don’t become a hypocritical leader. Plus, punctuality is a pet peeve of most business persons. You could easily annoy a client by not making a meeting in time, forcing them to spend their money on the competition.

What do you think?


Written by Dave

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