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The Ultimate Guide to Starting College



 As yet again young people prepare to attend college next year, many teenagers are probably having mixed feelings about the change. For some people, moving away from your family is a dream come true, but others would prefer to stay close to home. Most likely, you’re having a combination of feelings, both excitement for moving out and apprehension. You know you’ll be a bit homesick, even if you’re looking forward to getting away. Starting college can be a stressful time, but once you settle in you’ll have the best time of your life. If you’re feeling unsure, read this crash course on surviving your first semester.

 Go to Events

 One of the biggest worries for a lot of people starting college is making new friends. It’s tough entering a new environment without the added difficulty of not knowing anyone there. Start going to events as soon as you arrive, even if some of them are a bit boring. Orientation, tours, and library talks might not be exciting, but you’ll learn your way around and meet people along the way. You’re all new and learning as you go along, so you already have something in common with your fellow students. And there are fun things to do too, including mixers and parties, where you can have more of a chance to talk to new people.

 Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

 College is about learning who you are and trying new things. Set yourself challenges and attempt things you haven’t done before. You could take a class on a subject you know nothing about, try a new sport or accept an invitation to go on a hike. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a little box, where you never expand your worldview.


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 Set Limits

 At the same time as experiencing new things, it’s important to be able to say “no.” You should decide early on what you are and aren’t willing to do. You’ll have to take some decisions as they come, but try to be prepared. What will you do if someone offers you something from UK suppliers of synthacaine, or if there’s drinking at a party? When is it time to stay in and study, and when is it ok to go and have fun instead?

 Don’t Go Home Too Much

 It can be tempting to go home a lot during your first few weeks or months at college if you’re close enough. You’re likely to feel homesick, plus you can get your parents to do your laundry for you. But if you go home every weekend, you’ll miss out on everything that happens when you’re gone. The weekend will be when everyone else is taking a chance to go out and have fun, continuing to form friendships with each other. You don’t want to return on Sunday or Monday only to keep hearing about everything you missed while you while you were gone.

 Remember that making new friends and doing new things requires you to put in some effort. These things don’t just fall into your lap, although you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities if you put yourself out there.

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