Things To Consider Before You Take Charge Of A Football Team

Not everyone is a great footballer with masses of skill and technique. After all, Lionel Messi wouldn’t be as great as he is today if that were the case. No, some people have to make do with a different relationship with the sport. Some people have to be coaches. A coach is an integral part of the team for obvious reasons, so you have to be ready to shoulder the responsibility. If you are thinking about making the switch from a player to a manager, here’s what you should know.

You Need All The Gear

Have you ever heard of the phrase all the gear but no idea? Well, in your case, you might have the right idea, but you might not have any of the gear. Amateur and semi-professional teams are not renowned for their organizational skills. So, the team you inherit might lack the essential properties. If that is the case, you need to find them fast. A team without a ball or pitch to play regular games is a team that is going to struggle. You could be Pep Guardiola in the making, but you still wouldn’t make a difference.

You Need To Make Everyone Feel Loved

Every team needs a good squad. However, the problem with a squad is that some of them don’t play as often as they would like. As the manager, you have to make them feel as if they are contributing even when they are not. Otherwise, they will leave you in the lurch. A team of twelve or thirteen players isn’t enough when you get injuries during the season. Try squad rotation and tell them that you are trying to keep players fresh. Also, you can tell them that you are saving them for specific games to make them feel more valuable.

You Need Incentives

If you read any book on how to be successful, the one thing that sticks out in all of them is the need for incentives. As a human, you are more prone to do something to a high level if know there is a reward at the end of the rainbow. The reward could be something as simple as a free pint for the best player on the day. Or, it might be a small trophy to signify their effort. You can buy trophies online by just clicking on the link. Whatever the incentive, make sure that it is one that pushes your players to be better on a weekly basis.  



It Will Take Up A Lot Of Your Time

For those of you that are doing it as a favor, make sure it doesn’t escalate. Running a team, even at youth or amateur level, is time-consuming. There is so much admin to take care of that it can take up hours of your time during the week. If you want a life, you might want to reconsider. At the very least, you might want to get out as soon as possible!

Although it sounds fun, running a football team isn’t a doddle.

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Written by Dave

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