Tips For Making Your Staff Feel Valued In The Workplace

Your business is only as good as its weakest team member, and so you need to do everything possible to hang onto good workers. Most people will be more than willing to jump ship and work for someone else if they are not completely satisfied with their current situations. So, now is the best time to think ahead and plan ideas that will make them want to stay with your brand. While we’ve made some basic suggestions below, they are simply there to give you some inspiration. The basic rule of thumb is that you want people to feel excited about coming to work. As you will soon see, there are many ways of making that happen.

  1. Offer incentives for the best workers. You can’t expect people to go the extra mile for your company without employing some standard psychological techniques. That works in much the same way as dangling a carrot in front of a working donkey. Every month, you should offer cash bonus incentives to those who go above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. Provide more training. People are more likely to feel valued by your company if you pay for specialist training. In their minds, you must have big plans for them if you’re going to all that expense. Also, training helps workers to progress in their roles and move higher through your business. Those running factories might consider extrusion blow molding training while those running offices might like to focus on new software.
  3. Hold weekly meetings. The team working for your firm are the ones most likely to notice any issues. They are also the ones best placed to make suggestions with regards to solutions. So, you need to involve them in every aspect of your company. Holding weekly meetings will allow you to update them on any news, and it will give them an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns.
  4. Arrange staff fun days. It’s important that your team get on well and communicate with each other. That is why it makes sense to organize a few fun days throughout the year. While your team will think they are simply having a day off work, they will, in fact, learn to get cooperate with each other. Team building exercises don’t have to be boring. You could arrange for them to spend an afternoon paintballing if you think it would be appropriate.
  5. Pay decent salaries. The last thing you should do when trying to make your staff feel valued related to wages. While you need to keep enough cash in your business to fund growth and marketing efforts, you also need to pay a competitive wage. Nobody will continue working for your brand if they can get thousands more performing the same job elsewhere.


Jon Tandy

So long as you follow those suggestions and implement them quickly, you should find that your team start to feel more enthusiastic about their working day. When all’s said and done, anyone who feels unhappy or undervalued will never perform in the manner you desire.

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Written by Dave

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