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Tips on How to Improve your Dating Skills for Women

Let Women Come to You

Perhaps the biggest mistake that men make is right at the beginning when they try to approach a woman that they do not know. The old “build up your courage and pitch a corny pick-up line” rarely works at all. Instead, the men who have the most success at meeting new women simply place themselves in a position where women can talk to them.

Going to health clubs, cooking classes, special interest groups and the like is generally the best way to meet women on a more casual basis. If you have a particular interest that some women share, you will need to go to them to hang out and become more comfortable. It makes perfect sense when you consider just how many couples meet at work.

Keep it Light

Once you have put yourself in the position to meet new women, the next step is establishing a rapport. You can do this by emphasizing the most important aspect of conversation, being a good listener. Most conversations start over a mutual interest, so keep it there at the beginning and work to establish a good rapport by listening to what a woman says and responding directly to it.

In this manner, you don’t have anything to prove other than you value what she has to say. So keep things light at first and focus on listening and responding accordingly. Remember to keep your questions about her and focus less on yourself.

Read the Body Language

This is perhaps the most pertinent dating skill you can develop. While anyone can say practically anything, the signals given off by the body are far harder to mask. This means that while she may be saying one thing, her body language will reveal more of her true feelings. Body language is actually simple and direct.

If she points her body in your direction, leans towards you when talking, or mirrors your body movements, then she does have some interest in you. It is true that some women love to flirt and may give off some of these signals even if they have no interest in you, so you need to look at the totality of their body language.

Remember that in turn, you need to project the proper body language back to her as well. This means pointing your body in her direction, mirroring her movements, allowing her to see you checking out her body and so forth. You do not want to be overtly obvious and you want her to take the lead, but you do want to respond positively to her body language as well.

The Phone Number is the Easy Part

If you have done your homework, then getting her phone number will be child’s play. This means establishing the proper rapport so that she not only feels comfortable around you, but is almost eager for you to get her phone number. Remember to watch and listen for the signals, but if you are doing things, right, then getting her phone number which leads to the next step in dating should be no problem at all.



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