Tips on How to improve your vitality

Given the speed and demands of today’s modern lifestyles, it’s very easy to become entirely drained of energy and vitality.  Why is this important, you ask?  Not only is it much tougher to complete the daily tasks and rituals you have lined up when you have little to no energy, but it also greatly reduces your overall enjoyment of life in many ways.  While there are certainly more than a few things you can do to help regain this lost essence, many people simply aware of their options it would seem.  The purpose of this article is to provide you with some solid tactics for rebuilding and maintaining your personal vitality…

Eliminating mental baggage

In the same way that a computer’s hard drive often needs to be purged of useless data, so too does your mind.   You’d be surprised at how much time the average person spends focusing on things which offer them no solutions or solace.  Instead of letting the things which you are incapable of changing drag you down, try to think positively at all times, or rather, look for the “silver lining”.   Sure, this sounds like mindless self-help twaddle, but it’s actually true, you have the power to completely reenergize yourself by simply clearing out those stifling cobwebs in your mind.  As you well know, the mind is most definitely in control of the body, so use this fact to turn the tides in your favor.

Change your diet

Perhaps the most obvious thing you can do to increase your overall vitality is to change your eating habits.  For instance, increasing your low-fat protein intake is a great idea as it is necessary to help maintain functionality in every part of the body including organs, muscles as well as glands.  Also, switch to whole grain breads, which are certainly better for your circulatory health and help to provide much needed carbohydrates where necessary.  Increasing your vitamin D intake is also a good idea, particularly if you don’t tend to get a lot of regular sunlight.  Additionally, if you don’t already, start drinking more tea, particularly varieties which contain high levels of antioxidants.  As always, fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended, as are probiotics such as yogurt.

Reorganize your schedule

If you have tried nearly everything but find that you’re still suffering from a lack of energy after sloughing through your weekly routine, then the problem might be the schedule itself.  Even though you might think of yourself as being extremely strong, hearty and perhaps capable of surmounting and dealing with nearly any challenge, you might be pushing yourself just a bit too hard.  Take a good hard look at your schedule / daily itinerary and decide what’s essential and what you might be able to let fall by the wayside.  In fact, you might discover that you’ve been doing more than a few things which aren’t even necessary, yet have become extremely draining in terms of the amount of energy spent completing those tasks.

Speed things up a bit

Conversely, you might discover that your overall vitality increases when you speed up your routine or even add new activities.   In other words, try to look for new challenges or even simply press yourself to see just how efficient you can become as an employee/worker.  By “gamifying” your life, you might find that it becomes much easier to both keep things organized as well as completed in a timely manner.  Additionally, by viewing your daily activities in this way, it’s much easier to develop personal incentives which will not only help keep you motivated, but also fully engaged as well.

Avoid people who seem to “suck away your energy”

Often times a complete lack of energy isn’t even your personal fault, it might be directly related to certain individuals who just seek to suck the life out of you on a daily basis.   We all know people like this.  Maybe it’s not their fault, but some individuals, either due to their intense negativity or propensity towards stirring up useless conflict, just seem to feed off of the vitality of others.  Similarly, they might be prone toward bullying behavior or even spend hours talking about themselves and their accomplishments; while this isn’t necessarily their fault, the toll it can have on you personally is often very real.  In order to deal with this, you might want to consider limiting the amount of time you spend interfacing with such individuals.

Consider adopting a meditation or exercise routine

Last, but certainly not least, consider the beneficial effects associated with regular exercise and/or meditation.  By now most of us know how and why exercise is important, there should be no mystery there.  Still, a great number of people seem to neglect it entirely either through carelessness or even laziness.  Meditation is also worth considering, especially when you take its long and storied history into account.

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