Training Tips to Match Your Body Type

Different people have different body builds or type that respond to stimuli in distinct ways. Heavy people, who are also known as endomorphs, are usually good at lifting. On the other hand, skinny people, or ectomorphs, are usually the best marathon runners. There are also the naturally athletic ones, the mesomorphs, who can move gracefully with strength. The effectiveness of your workout will be determined by your body type. It is therefore important to come up with a workout routine that suits your body types for optimal results. Regardless of your body type, you must have some objectives to achieve from your training. You might want to build some mass, improve your performance, or gain impressive strength and weight. The use of methandienon, a muscle building steroid, can help you achieve all these when combined with your workouts. When you’re after enhancing your physique, it is advisable to understand your genetic composition to increase your chances of meeting your goals.

  1.      Skinny Ectomorphs

These are the kind of people who can eat all the junk foods available and still gain no additional weight. Their body is naturally lean, an advantage they boast of. However, they find it a challenge to build their bodies. They usually have a difficult time increasing their muscle mass.

Ectomorph training tips

These people are known to have high metabolic rates, allowing their bodies to burn calories at a high rate.  If you are an ectomorph, you should take care when training to ensure you don’t over-train and get enough time for recovery and rest. More rest days have to be incorporated into your training routine. It is recommended that you avoid doing weight-training for two consecutive days. All your exercises should be short and limited to your objectives. A time limit of a maximum of one hour for each exercise should be set. You should do straight sets of 8-10 reps. Do not do any high-intensity technique that will make recovery for your next workout difficult. Also, try to avoid any cardio activity that lasts longer than usual as it can lead to muscle tears.

  1.      Heavy endomorphs

These are the complete opposite of ectomorphs. They will gain weight just by looking at junk food. They have a slow metabolism, and hence, encounter no difficulty in adding weight. If they want to reduce weight, they must be very careful what to eat while doing lots of cardio.

Endomorph training tips

Because of their slow metabolism, endomorphs will benefit a great deal from doing exercises of high intensity with more cardiovascular exercise. If you are an endomorph and you want to reduce your body fat, then have your rest periods shorter and move fast from one workout to another.  The faster you go through your exercise, the more the calories you burn. It is not recommended to go for a higher rep range, but you can go with 10-12 reps for your upper body and 12-20 reps with the lower body. Compound and isolation movements work well with endomorphs. Consider doing squats and deadlifts to increase your metabolism, burning more calories.

  1.      Perfect mesomorphs

It is usually great to have this kind of body. They have joints that are large enough for big muscles. Their metabolism is also the optimum one. It allows their bodies to gain muscles and not fat.

Mesomorph training tips

The genetic composition of mesomorphs is perfect such that they yield excellent results with whichever training method they use. Mesomorphs can train longer, do intense cardio, and still make great gains. If you are a mesomorph, the harder you work, the more spectacular your results will be. Your time limit for each exercise can go up to an hour and a half. Aim for 15-20 reps. Mesomorphs can copy what great bodybuilders have done and make progress similar to theirs.

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