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What Do Scientists Really Do in the Lab?

We can see news of what’s happening in the world of science every day. Often what we hear is fascinating, such as sending a rover to Mars or landing on a comet. And sometimes the science news we get is a little odd, leading us to wonder what exactly it is that scientists do all day. Although many of the experiments we see as strange and perhaps unnecessary could have important uses in the future, it can be hard to see what use they are now. However, what these odd experiments often reveal is that many people really don’t know what scientists do in the lab. Whether they’re chemists or biologists, we often don’t have much idea of what they do. If you’re unsure about what happens in a laboratory, check out the information below for some insights into their ins and outs.

 Health and Safety

 Most people won’t be too happy to know that a lot of what happens in a lab involves maintaining health and safety. It might be boring, but it’s important to do to ensure that scientists carry out the experiments accurately, and without hurting anyone. A lot of time can be spent cleaning, setting up equipment and even completely paperwork. It’s certainly not the most exciting part of conducting experiments, but it is a necessary one.

 Medical Research

 Some scientific laboratories are dedicated to the pursuit of medical knowledge, although not all of them. They might be working on developing a medication, understanding a certain part of the body or analyzing a particular disease or illness. Medical laboratories could be working on a cure for cancer or creating vaccines with poly mixing tanks, but they do everyday things too. When you have a blood sample taken at the hospital, your doctor or nurse will send it to a lab to have it tested. Medical laboratories could receive samples from hospitals, insurance firms, and clinical research sites.

 Understanding the World

 It’s not just humans that scientists seek to understand. Other laboratories try to find out more about our friends in the animal and plant world. There are all sorts of things that a scientist could be doing to research plants and animals. They could be testing a certain type of plant or animal to see how many species there are. They could be looking for a gene that helps a plant resist insects and other dangers, to see if they can apply it to other species. It’s very important to understand the world around us so that we can look after it, and look after ourselves.

 Product Development

 Scientific research isn’t just for the good of mankind and the rest of the planet. Sometimes it’s for commercial gain, but this too can occasionally have altruistic uses. Many companies will use scientists to help them develop new products, from perfume manufacturers to food manufacturers. Many people think of scientists looking for a cure for cancer, but they could just as easily by looking for a new shampoo formula.


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