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What’s that? Is it a bird, a plane? No, it’s a skydiving granny!

Recently, Else Bak, a 90-year old grandmother took a 13,000 foot plunge, marking her first skydiving experience.   The experience itself was a gift from her son who apparently wanted to demonstrate his love for her in a rather unconventional manner.  So, what did she think about it, you might be wondering?  “The experience was even greater than I expected. Wonderful”, Else commented, obviously still reeling from the high altitude drop.

Of course Else wasn’t alone, her husband Asger was also on board and took the plunge as well.   While it’s unclear whether or not he wanted another go ‘round, his wife was ready for another fall “Can’t we do it one more time?”, Else remarked after the event.  Nevertheless, it’s a heartwarming story that just goes to show you how brave and intrepid some elderly people are.

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