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U.S. Had Plan to Launch Chemical Attack on Syria Approved, according to UK Mail Online Article.

Did 1300+ Syrian’s really die as a result of a ‘chemical attack’, and if so, who did it? This story has certainly been dominating headlines through-out last week.

Are we about to enter a new war? If so, why? The USA were very quick to push the blame on Assad’s regime, that’s without any proof or investigations. Many questions are been asked, the main one, Why would Assad attack his own people with chemical weapons?

A UK Mail Online article appears to tell the same story we are hearing in the media today, it was published 7 months ago.

The below material was published on the UK’s Mail Online website, Jan 29th 2013. (It was later taken down and unpublished).

1300 Syrians choke to death on toxic gases

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