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Why Has It Stopped Working? Reasons Your Home Appliances Break



When your home appliances break, it can be an absolute nightmare. The problem is that most of us are not technicians. We don’t understand why things break, and so we struggle to fix things at home. Replacing old items can be costly. When you are not sure what is wrong with something, you have no chance of trying to fix it yourself. Sometimes, it seems that when one thing breaks in your home, everything else starts to break as well. That is just bad luck. There are many reasons your appliances might break. Here are some of the most common ones.


You rely on your kettle every single day. How would you get by each morning without a hot cup of tea? When your kettle breaks, it can feel as though you are living in the dark ages. Limescale is one of the biggest problems with modern kettles. If you live in an area with hard water, you need to make sure that you clean your kettle on a regular basis. When limescale starts to build up inside your kettle, it can stop the heating element working. Once that happens, you might as well throw your kettle out. It is better to prevent that happening now. The best thing you can do is start cleaning the inside of your kettle at least once a month.

Washing machine

As a general rule, a washing machine can last you years and years. People tend to see a washing machine as an investment, and so don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars on one when they need to buy a new one. If your washing machine breaks unexpectedly, you might find it hard to figure out why. If you have been putting bulky things into your machine, such as shoes or belts, you may have broken the mixer agitator. If you have, there is no hope for your machine. If your machine is still under warranty, you can likely get a replacement.


Nobody likes cleaning their oven. When you have an oven, grease and grime can build up inside it. The greasier your over is; the more chance there is of it breaking. If that happens, you can fix it by giving it a clean. Catch the problem sooner, rather than later for the best results. When you are cooking, does the over let out a lot of smoke? If it does, it is likely that your oven is dirty. You need to get a quality cleaning solution and scrub your oven. If you keep on top of cleaning your oven, it should be no problem.

Coffee machine

If you have a modern coffee machine, with coffee pods, you may not always buy the pods. The pods are expensive, when you compare them to ground coffee, and so you might save getting them for special occasions. If that is the case, you likely leave your coffee machine for a matter of weeks without using it. When you come to use your machine again, it might not work. When you slip the pod in and push the button, you might hear a whirring sound, but no coffee will come through the slot. Don’t worry. Your coffee machine will live to see another day. In fact, the cause of the problem is likely to be a blockage in your machine. The pods you use for your machine, often contain sugars and syrups. If you don’t use the machine on a regular basis, those syrups stick and block the pipes inside the machine. All you need to do is take a needle and pierce the blockage. That way, you release the blockage with ease.

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