Will.i.am – Coronation Street, Fiyah – The ITV Connection

Some rappers use their artistic skills to illustrate meaning, others seem to design their wording to simply be enjoyed by the listener. Good artists are able to capture imagination whilst also tell a story, or deliver a message. Of course, there are many instances of this, but Will.I.Am is a perhaps another example. This article takes a look over why. Let’s begin.

William James Adams, who goes by the name of Will.I.Am, is an entertainer, musician and songwriter, among other attributes you’d assign to a creative entrepreneur. Active since 1992, William, from Las Angeles, California, gradually raise to popularity. Born in 1975, William has plenty of experience, which includes associated acts with The Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, and Cheryl Tweedy.

William’s latest music video involves Coronation Street, a British TV soap, popular amongst ITV watchers. Some are asking the question; why is Will.I.Am’s new music video ‘Fiyah’ shot at the TV set of Coronation Street? Of course, this could have the conspiracy orientated mind go into overdrive, yet the answer could be rather simple. Let’s delve a little deeper, shall we?

One fan took to Twitter and asked this question –

Firstly, William spends much of his time over in the United Kingdom, partly thanks to a show called The Voice. This show is also hosted on the very same channel that Coronation Street is aired on. You might be catching my drift at this point. Will.I.Am is attempting to bring attention to the commercial soap; Coronation Street.

There you have it, this is the simple explanation as to why Will.I.Am is bringing our attention, and yours as well to himself and good old Corie. Can’t say that I’m a fan myself, but ITV have clearly had a few fans puzzled – wasn’t that what the video was most likely created for? Probably.

We should also like to point out that Will.I.Am appears to enjoy promoting the Apple brand too, since it is highly featured in this video. Isn’t it great when the props and the setting are both profitable? Finally, Will.I.Am is a great talent and we hope to see more thought-provoking videos and moments soon.

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