A look at the Top Three horse racing venues from around the world

As one of the oldest and perhaps more interesting sports, horse racing is perhaps one of the preeminent international activities among the well-to-do.  It also bears repeating that gambling on horse races has always been a fairly popular activity; for example, it’s been reported that “in 2008, horse race betting generated a world-wide market worth around US$115 billion.”  The point is – people are still showing quite a bit of interest in the sport, despite global economic woes.  Of course if you want to truly experience horse racing in all its glory, you’ll need to physically pay a visit to a track.  Moreover, if you’re serious and looking for a more luxurious experience, you’ll want to keep the following racing venues in mind…

Meydan Racecourse (Dubai)

Dubai is known for its extravagant amenities and to catering to the ultra-elite, so one would naturally expect the same from its racing courses.  The Meydan Racecourse is basically a horse racing aficionado’s dream, with an assortment of private viewing options, all of the encapsulating the meaning of the word “luxury”.  Concealed balconies and personal terraces as well as 72 suites scattered among multiple levels round out the complex’s many notable features.  There’s also a “Sky Bubble” which affords amazing views of the city’s skyline.

Del Mar Racetrack (California)

Not only was the Del Mar Racetrack built and funded by a number of uber-famous celebrities, it’s also a popular destination for more well-known persons to this very day.  If you really want a great experience, you’ll want to reserve one of the celebrity suites, which are positioned very close to the finish line.  If you want a room that possesses a more sweeping view of the terrain, one of the luxury suites will most definitely suffice.  Moreover, if you want to host a party, you can rent out one of their Sky Rooms, which include buffet meals, a cocktail bar and stunning views.

Churchill Downs (Louisville, Kentucky)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Churchill Downs, which is arguably the most famous horse racing track in the entire world (certainly one with an incredible history).  Those who are in need of all the luxury trimmings, nothing short of joining the turf club will suffice.  Purchasing a season membership will grant you access to a number of things, including: admission to the club, track access, as well as personalized parking and a season box.  Of course there are other options available too, like the Jockey Club Suites, which are perfect for groups.  All of the suites feature truly first-class amenities, services and gourmet dining options and more.  Serious gamblers will probably find the self-service wagering machines to be of particular interest.

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